Written by Mike

17 Apr 2009

Going back a few years when I was 31 I met an incredible sexy guy. I have known I was bi since I was 14, and have enjoyed both genders ever since. I was single at the time living in Northampton. I went to a pub near by my house for a drink after work; there was a guy there called Ben who I knew from some work I had done as a consultant. He came over and chatted to me over a pint. He was avery sexy athletic black guy he was 28 at the time, sex on legs, as they say. We were clearly flirting and when I said I had to go he asked what I was doing for the evening and I told him nothing, he smiled and said I can pop round in an hour for some fun, and he stroked my arse at the same time, I said that would be great.

I went home had a shower,and poured a drink and waited for the next hour or so. The door bell went I answered the door and Ben was standing there looking stunning. He came in, and I shut the door, and took his coat. Are we alone I told him we were. He then pushed me against the wall and held my face and deep french kissed me, then whilst still kissing me he ripped open my shirt all the buttons going everywhere. He then started to very roughly play with my nipples. I could feel he was very hard and big, He then said get on your knees and suck my cock I am going to make you my bitch tonight. I got to my knees and opened his trousers, he was commando and his cock just sprang out and I just marvelled at it it was massive and very thick, he held my head and fucking my mouth with his cock; he pushed his cock very deeply almost gagging me he fucked my face for ages before he started to empty his cum down my throat, I was almost choking but managed to swallow most of it.

I stood up and Ben told me to take him to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom we undressed, he had the most wonderful sexy body very firm and very powerful. He pushed me on the bed and we kissed, He then started to grope my balls and suck in my nipples, he said you like rough sex and said yes I did and he said I had to be totally submissive and I promised. He then sucked my cock for a while, he turned me over and used his belt on me and belted me until I begged him to stop and then he carried on for a few more strokes. He then started to rim my arse and finger me one, two, three fingers inside me and then he said Iam going you fuck you bitch I felt some lub and then his large helmet of his cock against my hole then he started to push slowly into my arse, it hurt at first then slowly pushed harder, then he started to fuck me. He was fast, hard and dirty, pulled my hair, slapped my arse pulled on my nipples, he turneed me rounded an put some pegs on my nipples and fucked me missionary position, I was wanking and he was ramming me hard telling me I was his bitch and he would use me, that he had wanted me for months and knew I was a cum slut boy.

I felt his cock swell and he then speeded up and came inside me.

After that we lay and he told me he was a dom master and that he wanted me to be his slave. I agreed, as that had been the most fantastc sexual experience that I had ever had. He stayed the night and we saw each other about two to three times a week for a couple of years then I had to move for work; but I adored being his bitch and some of the stuff we did was real BDSM stuff to extreme. Ever since I have always preferd dom black guys, and always looking for new master experiences. Anyone interested let me know