Written by Ken

16 Nov 2017

I was home , my wife at work , house to my self watching porn , getting into my stride when there was a knock on my patio window , with my pants around my ankle , porn on the tv , cock in hand and i forget to lock the side gate .

I dressed head down “ uve been caugh written all over my face “ it was a delivery driver asking could i take a parcel for next door , i signed his pad , he said you wont believe the number of people , men , woman , couples i have caught , he moved close hand onto my semi and said can i finish you off , you lay back and i will bring you off .

I said ok , but i will have to lock the side gate , then i was on my couch as the driver , wanked and sucked my cock , once in his mouth i moved my cock in his mouth , we were both loving it , he said tell him when i was going to shoot , a few more sucks i said im going to cum , he stopped sucking then expertly wanked me off , with 2 spurts on my belly and chest , he said he didnt want anything in return and with that he was away .....