Written by sue

16 Feb 2009

Some of you may have read about our adventures in the local sandhills and how I love having my body caressed and fondled and the feel of big, strange cocks in my hands. Recently however Frank had to go away for the weekend and come Saturday night I found myself bored and alone with nothing much on the tele. I went and had a hot soak and as I lay there the idea came to me that I could have some fun on my own. Excitedly I dressed in a short, flimsy knee length black nightie which tied at the waist and was slashed open at the front, tiny black panties, black hold up stockings and high heels. I put on a long coat and drove the van down to the car park at the sandhills and parked up . Nothing happened for twenty minutes or so until a nice looking guy about fifty walked past. He looked in and stopped but he was a bit shy and just stood there so I eased off my long top coat and relaxed back in my seat. My tits were completely on show and he looked around and then moved closer to the side of the van. He tried the van door and opened it and kneeled down at my side. " My god, you look gorgeous," he said as he reached in and slipped his hand inside my nightie and started to fondle my tits, gently but firmly caressing them and pinching my nipples and then leaning over and sucking them until my nipples were rock hard and aching. He was getting excited and I reached down for his cock. He stood up, unzipped himself and pulled out a nice long hard cock which I took in my hands as he reached over again and slipped his fingers into my black panties and fingered my slit. I was all wet and juicy and I allowed my legs to part as he stroked me to heaven ans I barely noticed another younger guy open the passenger door and sit in. Suddenly my tits were being fondled again and licked and sucked and every now and then he bit one of my nipples quite hard which sent shudders right through me as the older guy pulled my panties to one side uncovering my cunt and started to lick me out. I was in absolute heaven and soon the familiar thrills started as I had my first come of the night.

When it subsided I took both their cocks in my hands and slowlw wanked them both off. It was a lovely feeling of power as their cocks throbbed in my hands and soon the younger guy come all over my fingers and I concentrated on the older guy as I wanked him to oblivion and he too spurted all over my tits and my belly.

They thanked me and wandered off so I decided to go for a walk in the hills. I put my coat back on but allowed it to fall open and set off . I walked for about half a mile when I saw two men coming towards me, one a big heavy black guy and the other a medium built white man. As they passed me one of them said, "Christ, look at the tits on that." and they moved towards me. They slipped my coat off and guided me towards a nearby picnic bench and sat me down . Immediately their hands were all over my body and the black guy took my aching tits in his huge paws and caressed them roughly, pinching and squeezing my nipples while the other guy opened my legs wide and moving my panties over he opened my cunt lips and found my clitty and started to stroke it. It was a brilliant contrast with one fondling and pinching hard and the other gently fingering my cunt. I reached over and felt for the black guys cock so he unzipped his pants and pulled out a huge cock and moving to my head he placed it near my mouth and said, " Suck it you slut." I took it in my hands as the other guy gently eased my knickers off and lovingly started to lick my wet juicy aching cunt. The black cock was huge in my hands as I started to wank him off but he reached down and placed it on my lips so I opened my mouth and took his huge length down my throat. The other was licking my fanny to heaven as I took as much of that massive cock in my mouth as I could. I was vaguely aware of other mens presence and more hands on my tits and belly and my cunt was on fire as I was licked to heaven and suddenly my body heaved as I started to come again. Another hand took mine and guided it onto another cock and opening my eyes I saw four other men had appeared and had their hands all over my tits and one of them was wanking himself furiously and almost at once he started to come all over my tits. The black guy took his cock out of my mouth and moved down to my cunt. The other guy opened my legs as wide as he could and big black man eased his giant cock into my wide open hole. It was massive and I screamed as he pushed it deeper and deeper up my cunt. I was in heaven with a cock in each hand and a truly massive black cock embedded up my cunt. Another guy erupted and sprayed loads of come all over my tits and two pairs of hands massaged it all over and into my tits while black man fucked the arse off me, ramming it right up my cunt and then pulling out and then ramming it right back up me as I screamed and heaved. My cunt was being stretched as never before as he lifted my hips off the bench and yet more come spurted all over my tits until I could hold back no longer and I had another lovely come. Suddenly black man pulled out of me and moving up he shot a massive load all over my face and mouth and I loved it. For ten minutes or so they all massaged their come into my tits and belly until wearily I staggered back to the van and drove home to a hot bath and a glass of wine.