Written by andysig

31 Oct 2009

Following an earlier story on this site about our Avimore trip we had a few replies

from guys mostly wishing to join us on our next weekend away.But we also got a reply from a lady from Elgin called Sue dieing for a go on the bike and a chance to meet some single bikers.As it turned out Sue was a short sexy blond from the near by RAF base.We arranged to meet up as we were going to be heading for Knockhill to watch the super bikes.Soon as we met we realised Sue was interested in having a go on more than just the bike she was flirting like fuck tight vest top under a tight leather jacket hair tied back she looked about 20 with an arse you could bounce tennis balls off.On the way down the road she kept wriggling on the bike pulling her crotch tight against my back eventually letting her hand drop down to feel my cock through my jeans.By this time we were in Dundee and stopped for a little cheff stretch our legs and have a chat to this lovely lady how was far from shy.She started telling us how she had been turned on reading our story and wanted to know if it was all true which it was and asked what we thought of her.Allan pipes up your lucky to have got this far without Andy trying to shag you.She leaned over towards me exposing a bit more tit and said Right here right now Id let you.I stood up and walked towards the toilet winking as I went to my amazement she followed me right into the gents.I pulled her into a cubicle pushed her face towards the wall and dragged her jeans down spreading her legs and sticking a couple of fingers up her Pusey which was fucking soaking.I quickly dropped my jeans and started fucking her for all I was worth holding her firmly as I used her roughly she started bucking and moaning as she came,quickly I san her round pushed on to her knees and shot my load over her pretty face.I turned to walk away as Dave and Allan appeared laughing at the sight of me with my jeans half way down my legs wad-ling to the sink while sue sat back exposing her neatly trimmed bush to this pair of vultures.Much to my surprise Sue

beckoned them towards her pulling at the belt of Daves leathers freeing his rapidly straing cock She started sucking Dave as Allan started feeling her up again dragging her to her feet to be fucked against the wall.Just as Dave started to cum the door opened and and old guy walked in as though this kind o thing happened every day looked round the edge of the door and said you better leave a tip the waitress knows what your up too.

Later that day we had the tents set up and the bottles of beer out chatting to our new lady biker friend Allan moaning on about him not getting a shag.Sues response was why do you guys always expected to be invited sometimes a girl just wants to be taken

and fucked you know caveman style.We looked at each other for about 5 seconds before dragging her into the tent pulling her jeans down an fingering and fucking her holes for the next hour and a half that girl sucked and fucked like nothing we had ever seen before holding her Pusey open and telling Allan to wank over her one more time before bed.

Turns out Sues regular boyfriend had encouraged her to meet us and wants to come along next time to watch.Any other nice couples out there please feel free to get in touch if you enjoy it as much as we have game on

Ps Dundee lc lady they are Daves boxers and should not be thrown out he only has 2 pairs