Written by Allen

13 Sep 2008

when I finished the previous part of Sue\'s story, Christine was just starting to lick Sue\'s cunt ( Christines\' first time at eating out a woman), and after a tentative start, she was getting into the swing of things, if you will pardon the pun. Sue slowly moved round so that she could return the treatment and some both girls had their heads buried in each others crutch. Derek and myself enjoyed watching for a while, and after they had finished pleasuring each other, Sue suggested that perhaps Christine would like to try being DPed, we knew that she loved having her arse fucked, so that it was surely a natural progression for her to take. Both Derek and Christine were in full agreement with the idea, and it was decided that I would fuck her cunt whilst Derek had the other hole and that we would change round when asked by Chris. Derek slowly eased his cock into his wife\'s puckered arse and when he was fully home she opened her thighs for me to gain access to her sopping wet cunt. As I slipped into her, I could feel Derek\'s cock through the membrane between us, and as we started to fuck her slowly, she started to moan and squirm with pleasure, it was obvious that she would soon cum for the first time, but the whole idea was to give her as much as she could take, so we continued to pound away at her holes, after 10 minutes or so, she asked us to change places, so that she could feel both of the cocks in both of her holes, and told Sue to get her cunt into sucking range as she wanted to lick her out again. For a comparative newcomer to swinging Christine was taking to it like a duck to water. After we had all cum at least once (the men I mean), we cleaned ourselves up and sat about talking.

The main topic being us being questioned about what happened at parties, etc. Christine in particular was interested in the photos taken of Sue at Sid\'s little gatherings,and asked,\'just how did she take a whole hand wrist deep in her cunt, surely that must hurt her? how did she start doing it, who showed her? what was a gang bang like? it looked so sexy and horny, and could she do it?\' Sue told her all about Margaret and how she had first taught her to take a fist, and that if Christine was interested she would teach her, Chris\'s reply was that \'there was no time like the present\' Sue agreed and told Chris, \'to open her legs and she would slowly start to lick and finger her cunt until provided she was both wet enough and relaxed enough she would have her hand up her cunt\'. Sue then did as she hand promised, but at this attempt could only manage four fingers knuckle deep, Christine was too tense to relax enough for Sue to get her thumb into Chris. Christine was disappointed, but Sue told her, \'that it had taken a whole week of practise before she had been able to take four fingers let alone a thumb as well, and that if Chris was to keep at it, it would not be long before she could not only fist herself but be able to take other people\'s fist a well\'. After a few drinks and something to eat they left after arranging to meet at their place next week, Chris said that she would do her homework and that she hoped that at least Sue would be able to fist her the next time we met.

However before we were to meet again, I was involved in an accident at work, some scaffolding was not secured properly and as I was working on the third lift it collapsed,both crushing and trapping me in the wreckage. I was eventually extracted and taken to hospital, unconscious and suffering from severe fractures and crush injuries to my left leg and arm. The next thing I remember was waking up in bed with my leg and arm in traction, and Sue and Christine sitting on chairs beside the bed, it was three days later. By the end of the week, the doctors told me that that although the breaks would mend, I would not be able to bend my knee or ankle properly again, and that as I would not be able to walk normally nor bend my legs or kneel down, that my days as a plumber were over, not a nice thing to hear that your career is finished at the age of just over thirty seven. I was to learn later that as soon as they saw the report of mu accident in the local evening paper Derek and Christine had rushed round to the A & E department found Sue and had stayed with her, and that she could stay with them as long as she wanted to, and that when I did come out of hospital, I would be welcome to stay until I was back on my feet. The process of recovery was both long and painful, not helped by the depressing fact that I was now unemployable in my trade. However, after about a week to ten days in hospital, at one visiting time, they all turned up, and when we were left alone a photo album was handed to me, and I was asked, \'what do you think of these, then?\' these were about twenty A4 prints of Christine and Sue, some showed just Christine with her hand crammed into her cunt, others showed Sue fisting Christine, a couple showed them fisting each other, and the last, a time delay shot showed Derek fisting the pair of them together. At least they were not wasting all of their time visiting me. Sue then told me that she had spoken to Sid, and that they were going to one of his \'ordinary\' parties on that Saturday, as although Christine had been curious about gang bangs, Sue thought that she should take one step at a time. I would be told of how things had gone when they visited again on the Sunday. When they left, the photo album was placed in a plastic bag and left for me in the bedside locker.

I could hardly wait until Sunday afternoon and visiting time, as soon as the pleasantries were over all I was interested in was how had things gone the previous evening, Christine then told me that they had been made most welcome, and that everyone was concerned about me, how long would it be before I was back on the scene etc, all I wanted to hear was how they had got on.

I was then told that they had, had a wonderful time, Christine had been introduced to Margaret and that they had clicked right away, soon the women were having a little bit of lesbian fun, licking fingering and fisting away like the was no tomorrow, then after a while, the men joined in, and as it was Christine\'s first time at a party, as was the practise, the other women waited while she had first choice. She told me,\'God, I waited until I was thirty nine years old before having any other cock but Derek\'s, and until last night I had only had yours, but last night I fucked and sucked nine different ones, it was wonderful, why did I waste so much time\'. They told me that they would be going back next week, and when both Christine and Derek felt confident enough, Sue would take them to one of Sid\'s gang bang evenings. This left me in at least a cheerful mood, I was told that I would be getting a copy of Sid\'s photos from the previous evenings events, and that when I was given a release date Derek wanted to put a proposal to me.

However whilst I was in hospital, there were changes going on with both Sue and Christine, Christine had been fascinated by Sue\'s pierced nipples and the jewellery and had, had her nipples done, and that before I was given a discharge date they told me that they were both going to have their clitoris\'s pierced and a barbell inserted. This apparently has the effect of making the clitoris permanently erect, and that they would be turned on all the time. Bugger me there I was thinking that they were. Next visiting time I was given s display of jewel encrusted nipples, and two enlarged clitoris\'s with a gold bar through them both. When I asked how they felt, I was told \'a bit tender at the moment, but we will let you know how it is latter when it\'s all healed up\'.

It was to be nearly twenty weeks before, I could get out of bed a start physiotherapy, and another nine weeks before I was discharged, the patten of visits were the same, after the visit to Sid\'s the previous evening, I would be informed of how they had got on, and on Christine\'s progress along Sue\'s previous path to sexual enlightenment. Before I was discharged the scaffolding company had admitted liability, and I had received a generous compensation payment, Derek had said that if I went back to college, did a course in photography, I could join their business and in the fullness of time become a partner, which I did.

After a while, I felt up to accompanying them back to Sid\'s, and I was made most welcome, it took me several visits to feel confident enough to get undressed and join in, but until then I joined in with Sid on photo duties, (at least now, the pictures were of a higher quality, and better staged. Well I had not wasted all my time at photographic school on portraits and wedding groups). The first time I took my clothes off in front of any one other than Sue, Christine and Derek was a bit challenging as I did nit know how the others would take to the scars on,and immobility of my left leg, but I needn\'t have worried, I imagine it was a set up, but all of the women at the party fell on me and I have never been groped, sucked and fucked in my life. On the way home, I was told that the reason that Christine and Derek had not gone to any of the Friday night gang bangs was because They had all decided that they did not want to go there, and Christine did not want to enjoy her first gang bang without me being present, and that we were going to go to the next gang bang the following week and that we would then be going on to Margaret and Brian\'s for a bit of bondage; Christine was not sure that she would like it especially the breast bondage as she did not have very large tits compared to both Sue and Margaret but she was now prepared to give anything a go ( Christines first gang bang and many other things)