Written by allen

28 Jun 2008

After we had spent the evening at Sid\'s, and Sue had enjoyed having more than one cock at a time in her for the first time, it became apparent that things would never be the same again. As soon as she awoke the next morning, she started to suck me off whilst cramming as many fingers up her cunt, just after I had cum down her throat she started to cum like she had never cum before, shudder followed shudder and i thought the whole street would hear the noise.

Latter that morning, the phone went, it was Margaret for Sue, they spent ages talking to each other with Sue making notes on some paper between fucking herself with her favorite dildo. When the call was over, naturally i was intrigued to know what was said. I was told that there was another gathering at Sid\'s the coming Friday and that we were going, but before hand Sue had some homework to do! After a shower we did the weekly shop, with a diversion to the local sex shop; top of the list plenty of KY.jelly and a new vibrator, chosen not for length, but for girth. Personally I queried if it would go in, but Sue was adamant that this was what she wanted, I was told \'Margaret knows what she\'s talking about\'.

As soon as we got home and the shopping was put away, Sue said \'homework for us\' and she sat down on the sofa, pulled up the skirt and started to play with her pussy, as soon as she deemed it wet enough, out came the new toy, given a wipe with lub and it was put to work. I was amazed just how much went in and how stretched her cunt lips were. I was told in no uncertain terms \' don\'t just stand there looking, I need something to suck, then you had better lub up your hand and try to get as much up me as you can, i want to experience as much as possible next Friday and Margaret has given me a list of things to practise on\'. This was the routine for the next week, every spare minute Sue had either the vibrator or her or my fingers were stretching her soaking wet cunt. By Friday she could get most of the vib up her, all of her fingers and thumb as far as the knuckles ans four of my fingers up her, I was worried to try any further in case I did some damage. Sue was pleased with her progress and said that she was looking forward to the evening, as Margaret had told her she would never forget that night as long as she lived.

We arrived at Sid\'s about 9o/c that Friday evening, Margaret was already busy, stripped to stockings and high-heels and gently sucking the other four men\'s cocks into stiffness (plus Sid). As soon as she saw Sue, she stopped and told her to get undressed, not a difficult procedure as she only had a dress, stockings, suspender belt and shoes on. \'I hope you have done your homework? she said as she started to play with Sue\'s tits and pussy. \' Of course\' was the reply, \'but i have only managed my hand as far as the knuckles and Allen\'s fingers\'. Margaret assured her that that was fine, she would take things gently, and that she had told all the men what would be required of them that night, so Sue had nothing to worry about.

Margaret then told Sue to lay down on the day bed that had been moved into the middle of the room, and to relax and to spread her legs, Sue was already quite wet, but Margaret put some lub on her fingers and started to insert them one by one, soon she had four up Sue and her thumb was gently stroking her clit. \'Stopping watching and wanking over there\' we were told \'this woman needs something to suck\'. So Sue was presented with a cock either side of her face to suck and play with as other hands pinched and pulled at her nipples and breasts. Sue was squirming and writhing Ecstasy as Margaret gently put her thumb into Sue\'s cunt, waited a few seconds for her to get used to it, then slowly, but firmly pushed her hand inside her. My god, Sue almost leaped of the bed, and started to wail in ecstasy, as Margaret moved her hand in and out of Sue\'s spasming cunt, until Sue stopped wailing, pushed everyone out of the way, too look down at herself, as Margaret hand was wrist deep in Sue\'s sopping cunt. Sue could hardly control herself with her emotions, laughing and crying at the same time as she tried to explain to me just how wonderful it felt to have her cunt so full and stretched.

When evry one had calmed down, it was agreed that Sue had, had enough for one evening and that it would be better for us to go home and wait until another evening to take things further, this we did and arrainged to return the next week.