Written by Allen

14 Jun 2008

What i am about to relate goes back to the 70s and 80s when my first wife was still alive. We had first got together at a local dance run by her father, who ran a local football club, for whom i played. We eventually married when i was 30, and she was 19 in 1976, and boy did she like sex!Just 5ft tall,42d bust, huge nipples that she had pieced later,shaven cunt, no Knickers except during her period and always stocking and suspenders. Anywhere, anytime, get in from work, get into the shower and before you could get dry, she had my cock down her throat. About 18months after we married i was working as a site plumber in Colchester, and one of the lads used to bring in girly mags for the tea hut, one of these had swinging adds in it. I told Sue about the mag and she said \'bring it home\', i was a bit worried in case someone noticed it was missing, so stopped at a newsagents on the way home and bought a swingers magazine.

What an evening that was,looking at the adds,fingers and toys up her cunt, cock down her throat,Sue had an avid taste fir cum and she always swallowed. When ever we watched porno flixs and the woman took the cock out of her mouth as he came, she always said \'oh what a waste\'. We talked about swinging and decided to give it a go, and the next day sorted out adds to reply to. I had noticed that a lot of the women were AC/DC, so i asked Sue what she felt about that, and she rplied that as she had never had a woman, she did not know, but was prepared to give it a go. We sorted out about half a dozen adds, took some polaroids and sent them off. when we got the replies,Sue was in extasy, my cock was sore for days.

We took to swinging like ducks to water, first of all just swapping with other couples, then threesomes, sometimes with another woman (sue found that licking cunt was a nice as sucking cock) but mainly with another man. Strangly enough giving what was to follow, only one at a time. i.e. sucking or fucking one whilst the other watched. We then started to get invited to parties in the east Anglian area and for about 18 months found that this was enough for us.

Then one day we received a phone call asking if we were interested in going to a party that was being held that Saturday in Uxbridge, so we agreed, and it was the best thing we did, this is where the story really starts.

When we first went there it was just the same as other swinging parties, Sid, the host was a bit older than the main group of people (late 50s, against 30-40s, Sue was the youngest woman, just 22 at this time) there were about 9-10 couples and Sid, who would mainly watch and take photos (more on this later). We found that this group were more to our liking and returned every month. Sue was in her element, after a bit of lesbian frolicks to get things going, everyone joined in in the playroom. driving home we would discuss the evening, how much cock and pussy she had, had how many times she had cum etc as i played with her pussy and she sucked my cock. Then Sid asked if we would like to go to one of his Friday gatherings, more men than ladies, all very AC/DC, if we wanted to, we could go and watch, and join in if we wanted to. Naturally, we agreed. that was how Sue met Margaret, who tought her to do things we had never thought about.

We arrived about 9.00 in the evening, to find three other women and with me nine men,plus Sid. After a drink the girls got down to it, fingers, tonges, toys and then sue noticed that one of the other women had her whole hand up Margaret. We had never seen anyone \'fisted\' before, and Sue was both amazed and curious, what did that feel like! This was only the start,for the first time in her life Sue had more than one cock at a time. One in her mouth, one up her cunt, she was in heaven. I joined in with Margaret and others, we soon found that she liked everything,one in her mouth,two ine her mouth; one in her cunt, two in her cunt; or even better a full mouth and cunt. Sue was intriged and spentas much tme as she could watching Margaret. About midnight some people had to leave, and this gave Sue the chance to talk to Margaret, soon Sue was fisting her and had three of Margaret\'s fingers up her cunt and a cock balls deep down both their throats. Later before we left Margaret said to Sue that she would show her how to take a fist,more than one cock up her cunt, one in her mouth, one in her cunt, and one up her arse, or any permutation of the above. On the way home, Sue could not stop talking about what had happened, or even more importantly what she was going to do. (to be continued)