Written by cuck

24 Apr 2009

my wife sleeps around, with other guys, i very rarely get to shag her now but she does give me a good wank most times when she comes home from being fucked by one of her regulars,and takes great pleasure in telling me how good they are and how bigger than me they are,i cant tell you the pleasure i get from the humiliation, before she goes out she lets me watch her getting ready, and i hand her all her clothes, and paint her toe nails as she tells me about what she intends to do with her lover that evening, two weeks ago i empmoyed a company , to do the facia on my house, two guys turned up about fifty year old with one younger very attractive fit lad, named andy, well i made them a brew, and left them to it , i came back about two hours later and just andy was there, started talking to him , he explained that he had split up from his long term girlfriend and hadnt had a shag for a month or so , and was gagging for one, i told him , kinda jokingly that my wife sue would be home in about and hour, and that if he wanted he should try it on with her, he might get lucky he smiled and looked at me as if i was crazy , but i had got him thinking, i rang sue to tell her that andy was there and that he was fit and dying for a shag , she tried to sound not interested but i sneaked back home about 45 minutes later and looked through the conservatory window and andy had his jeans down to his ankles and had sue bent over the dining table and was fucking from behind, sue was moaning with pleasure, and looked fuckin greatwith such a dirty look on her face she was loving every inch of his big young cock, he slid out of her sue turned round and was wanking his wet cock, andy was sucking sues tits her nipples were scarlet and hard, , then she turned round again so he could do her from behind andy was like a train banging her for ages sue was loving it andys balls were slapping against my wifes arse as he pounded her again and again , sues head suddenly lifted up she let out a moan and had the longest loudest orgasm i had ever heard or see her have , it was fantastic seeing such a fit yuong man with such a big cock service my wife, andy hadnt cum yet so sue started to wank him , he dick was big and had such a large bell end, then sue squatted down and started to suck andys dick she could hardly get it in her mouth but my wife has mouth made for sucking cock ,although she never sucks mine sues head was bobbing up and down as andys cum dripped out of her well fucked cunt,onto the wooden floor, all of a sudden andy flexed and sue pulled away just as he shot his load, most of it landed an the dining table and some in her hair, i was in heaven and wanking like mad,, at that point i left, came back about half an hour later sue was in the bathroom .andy had gone, i told that i had watched it , she said well thats what you call a real man and a real fuck i said you never suck my cock then she replied, when you fuck like that for as long as that i might consider sucking your cock, but its never going to happen is you little prick, at that she told me to go down stairs and clean andys spunk off the table .since then sue has seen andy several times and this weekend he is coming to stop , sue has told me that i will have to sleep in the spare room, i cant wait to listen to sue getting fucked all over again