Written by Mike

18 Nov 2008

Scene: warm summer day on beach near La Rochelle in France. A well known swinger haunt. The atmpsophere there is always steamy with well hung blokes boldly wandering among their prey and nothing in the way of restraint. Next to my wife and I were a trio. The girl look young - at least she was trim and slim and petite. She had a bikini still on - top and bottom - small hanky and string type - not much to cover and all the more enticing for that. One of her blokes seemed there just to watch. The other had a bottle of sun lotion and was enjoying applying it making plenty of round strokes with his hand rubbing it in. She shifted a little on to her side so that he could reach her back and in a second the bra was on the sand. She lay back topless. Her little boobs seemed to sink back into her body and she seemed almost boyish but her nipples seemed big in the sea breeze. His lotion-covered fingers revolved around her breasts getting nearer to them. \'Ca va bien?\' I heard him say. She gave a little moan in reply. His fingers touched her nipples and she gave a little shudder but just for a moment. The emptiness under her tight little black bikini bottom seemed almost to be crying out and it seemed an age of kissing before his fingers reached down and pulled a knot loose. For a brief moment she lay naked and virginally with her legs tight together and a little whisp of black hair covering her cunt. Then they moved apart and he went down on her. It was strange how quickly this little thing seemed to open up to him and her cunt lips widened apart. Then he moved forward and just for an instant took a her nipple in each hand. Suddenly she was afire squirming and moaning and wriggling and wanting. Her hands tugged his shorts down and she felt his prick massive prick surrounded by hair, still not fully erect but still massive. She rolled over and lay astride him