Written by makeussmile

15 Jun 2011

It was a glorious day, i had done all my chores for the day so decided to get my bikini on and get some rays.

I applied the suncream paying particular attention to my nipples as i hate them burning and laid out on the sunlounger in the garden, its quite a private garden with only a few hosues overlooking it in certain parts. I plugged the ipod in and enjoyed the rays. After a bit i turned over to do my back, and took off my bikini top.

After a bit I was startled with someone proding me on the shoulder. I jumped up and saw a man stood there looking at me, i took the ipod out and realised the window cleaner needed to get his ladder where my lounger was. He was smiling as i quickly realised i was stood there just in my bikini bottoms and he was staring at my tits. I just smiled at him and looked down for my bikini top but couldnt see it at first glance then noticed it under the lounger, so i left it and heading to the kitchen. I was getting my purse out to get the money to pay him when he appeared at the back door with his bucket asking if he could have some fresh water. He had now removed his shirt and was stood there looking hot (id im honest the sight of his 6 pack made me feel queezy) I offered him a cold drink before i filled the bucket realising he was checking me out as i was filling his bucket. I turned round and put his bucket on the side whilst he finished his drink.

I made small chat laughin about how many other women he had caught in their bikinis on a hot day like this, he smiled and said a few but not looking as hot as i did. I could see his cock was hardening by the way it was straining to stay in his shorts. I was feeling cheeky and asked if he needed help realising it . He smiled and let me removed his shorts looking shocked at the size of it, must have been a good9.5 inches and thick, i got wet just looking at it before i started stroking it. he removed my bikini bottoms and lifted me onto the side and started tongue fucking me wasnt long before i came god i wanted that cock. He stood up and offered to take me to the bedroom but i said no due to houses being able to see in my home with the curtains open, so he stood there with me on the worktop and pushed his enourmous cock in me, i felt so full with the size of it.

He was fucking me hard and tweaking my nipples when i came again.

He was good and was fucking me for quite a while and then suddenly he let out a moan and started pumping his love juice in my pussy, felt like he was just cumming and cumming inside me, we kissed and he pulled out, with his cum oozing out of me and dripping down my leg. He cleaned up got his bucket and finished cleaning the windows and he never charged me for it that day :)