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1 May 2012

In the grand scheme of things this pretty tame compared to some of the stories I’ve read but in this particular case it is 100% true. I have been reading stories on this site for a few months in the hope that I could pick up some ideas of how to loosen my wife up. Like most of you I have had the urge to see my wife with another man. I have mentioned this to the wife a couple of times during love making but she would never hear about it.

The only way I get my kicks these days is if she is willing to dress her up or on the odd occasion, dress her down when she goes out.

In the past when she has gone out with her girlfriends I have managed to get her to put on her stockings and suspenders and a thong but there again that’s not very often these days. On a few occasions she has gone shopping to the corner shop in her bra, thong, stockings and suspenders covered over in only her mac which has been a great turn on.

During both events I think about some one finding out about her dress state and trying to chat her up. It ends up of me thinking of her taking the full length of someone’s cock.

A bit tame I admit but when she’s out I get a great thrill and a throbbing stiff cock just imagining some of the scenarios. On her return I quiz her about her antics but alas…….. to date there is nothing to report.

However we have great sex afterwards as she gets turned on by me being turned on. She thinks I’m strange wanting her to go out all dressed up and talking about all this but bless her, she goes along with it

However, last Sunday morning we were in the middle of foreplay when she asked if I thought that she needed a shave. Not often she asks but I said that perhaps a trim would be quite beneficial.

Long story short, she went for the Full Monty. By the time I was finished she was bare, wet and wide. She then went for a shower leaving me to handle things alone as it were. Out she comes wearing a black thong, stockings and suspenders. Christmas? I thought.

She pranced around the room asking me if I liked it. ‘Goes without saying’, says I. She then asks ‘Would other men like it?’. Again I told her that they would love to get into her pants . Being a little checky and perhaps a bit optimist I asked, ‘Do we need anything at the shop?’

She looked at me puzzled and then it dawned upon her. She thought a while and then said, ‘Mmmm…might do!.’

I got off the bed and put on a pair of jeans and shirt. Meanwhile she disappeared down stairs. By the time I was in the hall she had her rain mac and shoes on ready to go out. I got my coat and keys and headed out to the shop.

This time I didn’t go to our usual corner shop. Instead I went a few miles further and ended up in a big Tescos in Chineham, Basingstoke. Susan was a little hesitant but none the less in we went. It was quite busy for a Sunday morning but it all added the excitement. In the empty isles Susan would flash at me or bend down to read the labels on the food, she would open he legs to give me a quick view. At some point during our shopping Susan asked me to go and get a box of eggs so off I went. A few minutes later I returned to find her talking to a young man. He looked as though he was in his late twenties. I didn’t interrupt. I stood back and busied myself checking the shelves. I over heard them discussing the sauces and spices. For a good five minutes Susan and the man were picking out jars and boxes and then putting them back on the shelf. As she was bobbing up and down or bending over I could clearly see snap shots on her stocking tops through the the back of her mac. I also saw that the front of her mac was loose. Not so that her boobs fell out but more loose than she would normally have itand as he was somewhat taller I guess he has a birds eye view.

There were other people milling around too so there was a good chance that the men folk, who shopped with their wives were getting the same view that I was getting. I was bursting in my jeans. Susan continued to walk and talk with him until they turned into the next isle where they finally said their good-byes and moved on. I then followed on behind Susan. She kept looking over her shoulder at me and smiling. I had one hell of stiff cock by this time. What was going through her mind I wondered?.

I eventually joined her at the check out and once there she began to empty the shopping trolley. The first few items were easily extracted but as she reached the bottom layer she had to bend over quite far to reach them. I could see most of her boobs by now but I was certain that the rear would be showing a bit of stocking top while the front was falling open. A few people past but no one gave an indication that there was anything on show until I looked up the isle where I saw a man in his fifties staring directly at her without blinking an eye lid. Within a couple of minutes we were out of the shop I began to interrogate her.

It appeared that the young man was cooking a meal for a girlfriend that afternoon and was asking about a sauce to go with the meal and so Susan was endeavouring to help him out.

I told her that as she was pulling stuff off the shelf I was getting a flash of her stocking top and just to add a little excitement I said that other men were taking an interest too.I also mentioned about her flashing at the check-out. Susan went red as a beetroot. I went onto say that the front of her mac had gaps in it too and no doubt the guy could see her down the front. There was a lot of ‘Oh’s’ and ‘Ah’s’ but by the time we got home the two of us were as randy as hell.

Off came the coat and shoes and straight onto the bed.

As we lay their playing with each other I asked how she had felt about walking a round the shop half naked.

Susan said that it was a turn on but when she was talking to the guy she was more conscious of being almost naked in front of him so it was an even bigger thrill. I can tell you that by this time she was soaking. .I was soon between her legs and enjoying the legacy the man had inadvertently created. Of course, I took full advantage

I then asked how she would have felt if he had guessed that she was half dressed and tried to chat her up. Susan closed her eyes and went along with me.’ Yes’ she said,’ I could have bent over so he could see down the front’. I said that he probably did and that he was probably supporting a stiff cock. She was hooked…… ‘Do you think it would be big?. She asked. I pulled out all the stops. ’Yeah, after seeing your boobs he would want to open your coat to see how little you had on’. She responded. ‘Do you think he would be surprised?’

‘No I don’t think so he more than likely knew that you had no cloth on under that mac’ I continued, he probably wantedto get his hands straight into you pants’. ‘Mmmm… he would find it very wet in there’. ‘He’d like that’ I said ‘Nice and wet to slip into’. Susan open her eyes and looked at me and then said’ He would have no bother slipping straight in’. I was like a man possessed. I was banging away trying to imagine the scene. I then asked her to think of him coming back with us and he was now between her legs with his cock deep inside of her. I asked her if she could see him? ‘Yes, yes I can’. I continued. ‘Can you see his face?. ‘Yes’. I went on, ‘Can you feel his cock inside of you?. With out hesitation she replies’ Yes, it’s big and strong.’. ‘Do you like it?. I ask. ‘Yes, he’s good’ I then ask her to open her legs wider so that he can get his full length inside of her. Her legs moved and she opened up.

I begin to gain momentum ‘Pull him in,’ I urged her. ‘Get it all up there’. She gabbed the cheeks of my arse and pulled me in. ‘ I cuming,……… he’s making cum’. I continued, ‘ Is he right up inside?’. She gasped, Yes,…… yes he’s all the way up’ Susan was now gasping for air as she gave out a long drawn out groan, and I could feel her insides contracting and her body was shuddering. It was all too much for me. My cock exploded as the pressure that had been building up all morning was suddenly released. My arms and legs ached but the huge sense of relief took it out of me. I fell on top of Susan and sighed. We composed our selves a little and agreed that it was a real turn on. Susan told me that she hasn’t had an orgasm like that for ages. I pondered about our new found friend and with tongue-in-cheek I asked if she enjoyed the thick creamy sauce he had dished up for her. We had a laugh about it and then suggested that we should go back again next week and perhaps ask him back for seconds. Oh dear. I think that it was a step too far. Susan wasn’t very happy with that. ‘Why do you always take it that one step further?’ Needless to say I was put in my place.

Alas my fellow readers, we have come back down to reality. Susan wouldn’t talk any more about it. Me however, I’m for ever looking for more adventures and perhaps one fine day…………….. Have you any suggestions?