Written by MnA

23 Nov 2010

We woke feeling naughty and thought about doing something very short notice. So I (ade) went on-line to see who would be up for some fun. Well it wasn't long before one guy was on hs way round.

So Mandy had a quick shower and started to put on her favorite stockings and suspenders that alone was an amazing sight but the combination of short skirt and see through blouse was amazing.

The door bell goes and he introduces himself and as Mandy puts a few finishing touchs I offer a cup of tea. With that Mandy walks in looking so sexy. She walked up to Jon and kissed him as his hands wondered over her body feeling her curves and causing her skirt to ride up revealing the stocking tops. I an instant he had popped one of her tits out of her bra and was fondling and rolling the nipple till she moaned and closed her eyes. He soon started sucking that already erect nipple. When he came up for air Mandy asked Jon if he wanted to strip for her. In an instant he was naked in front of her sport a hard on which was mostly from seeing Mandy strip so all she had on was the stockings and suspenders. He stepped forward pushing his hard cock into her tummy smearing his precum over her. She slowly and deliberately grabs hold of his hard cock and starts to wank him slowly at first but gaining speed as he fondled both her nipples. The streaks of precum wear very visable over her tum and I was begining to think he was going to soon loose control.

He then asked Mandy to lay down and he knealt bewteen her legs opening her pussy lips and rubbing her clit which had an immediate orgasmic effect on Mandy. With that she rub his cock along her wet open slit and slid it into her eager pussy. Mandy then started to tell him to fill her cunt and to fuck her harder. In no time at all she was having another orgasm. As she was cumming down he pulled out wanked his cock covered in Mandy's pussy juice and exploded over her. His first spurt manage to reach her mouth leaving a trail over her chin down her tits and tum the second and third covered her tum and open pussy.

HE grabbed one of Mandy's toys and slid it into her open cum covered cunt and fucked her with it till she had another orgasm. He repositioned himself so Mandy could oil his cock up and wank him back to life which didn't take long, but had the effect of him shooting this second load over her tits covering then with another huge amount of his cum.

I couldn't resist but ad my cum to his on Mandy's tits as well.

What a way to start a Sunday!