Written by Jake

17 Jul 2009

This is such an unusual story that even now I can hardly credit that it happened to me. I drove to my local supermarket late one afternoon after I returned from work, it's one of the cheap continental ones, and for some reason there was a queue to get in. There was a young woman in front of me and I asked what the hold up was. 'I think some old lady has collapsed right inside the door,' she said. We waited, at first I wondered why they couldn't let us in the exit door, then remembered that the way the store was laid out it would be too much of a hassle for the management, so we went on waiting. Not unnaturally the girl in front and I began talking to each other. She said, 'Are you local, I don't remember seeing you in here before.' 'Well, not exactly,' I replied, 'I've just moved in to one of those new flats by the river and this is the nearest supermarket.'

'Oh, really? I've heard that they're really super inside.' 'They are, all mod-cons, you ought to see it.' 'I'd love to,' she smiled, 'is that an invite?' I laughed, she was a very attractive girl, in her mid-twenties I thought, maybe ten years younger than I was. 'Sure,' I said, 'you ought to see the view, it's fabulous.' To cut a long story short we arranged for her to visit at the weekend. Then the door finally opened and we went round together, chatting as we went, in the end the invitation turned out for her to come to lunch on the Sunday.

I drove the short distance home smiling to myself, I really fancied Evie, as she was called, and looked forward a couple of days for her visit. On the Sunday morning I made a nice salad, put a bottle of good Pinot Grigio in the fridge and waited for the bell to ring. She pressed the button on the intercom and I let the front door open, then went to the door to let her in. She looked stunning and I kissed her cheek and steered her into the living room. I poured us both a sherry and took her out on the balcony to show her the view. We looked out over the river and the countryside beyond, it was a warm day and there were people enjoying themselves on the river and by the riverside. 'Ooh look!' Evie nudged me, 'down there look behind those bushes, I bet they don't know that they're overlooked!' They couldn't have done for they were making love, a pair of knickers lay on the grass alongside and the man's trousers etc, were down by his knees as his bottom rose up and down. Evie giggled, 'I bet she's having a good time?' 'Jealous?' I asked. She leant back against me, 'I haven't done it for a long time, it's giving me ideas.' 'Carry on then,' I told her, 'and you might get lucky!' She put her glass down on the ledge in front of her, then turned and pressed herself against me. I kissed her, it seemed to be what was called for, she responded passionately.

I felt her firm young breasts against my chest and pushed my pelvis against her in turn, 'I think lunch might be rather late,' I said. I kissed her again and stroked her bottom, she was breathing heavily, I started to get hard and felt her push against it. I rubbed my erect cock against her stomach, 'This what you want?' I asked. 'You bet,' she breathed, pulling my head to her and kissing me passionately again.

I guided her to the bedroom and proceeded to undress her as we continued kissing. While I undressed she went to the bathroom, when she emerged I pulled her onto the bed and we began kissing and caressing each other. She wasn't exactly a blonde but did have light brown hair and she didn't have a hair on her magnificent body. Her breasts weren't big, just a 'good handful' as a friend of mine would have said, but they were extremely firm and stuck straight out from her chest and sported lovely little pink-brown nipples. I felt for her cunt, the lips were already engorging and becoming slippery, she grabbed my cock as I kissed my way down her body and stuck my tongue between the lips of her cunt. She rolled on her back and spread her legs, she had a very nice looking cunt, the lips now wide open revealing inner lips that were still extending. I pushed my tongue in and licked inside the mouth until I found her clit. It was quite small but she cried out and writhed on the bed as I licked and sucked at it. She was wanking me hard and after a minute or two panted, 'Fuck me, fuck me now!'

I turned and mounted her as she spread her legs, her cunt was now wide open and I aimed my cock at it and it went straight in. She was sloppy wet and her cunt made a slurping noise as I pushed right up her and began fucking. I hadn't had sex myself for some time and tried to make it last, but she was so tight and slippery that I came after only a couple of minutes. I apologised and she said, 'Don't worry about it, I enjoyed it, just stay there and I'm sure you'll be hard enough to do me again in a minute.'

We cudddled and played with each other and it wasn't long before I was hard again. This time I took it a bit more easily and made it last. She was obviously a girl who came easily for she climaxed several times during the next fifteen minutes or so, but right at the end, as I thrust hard preparatory to shooting my load for a second time, she suddenly cried out and convulsed, at the same time she squirted. It was the first time I had ever encountered this phenomenon and could hardly believe the fierceness of this ejaculation let alone the incredible amount of stuff that squirted out. I then came and we clutched each other as she subsided and I flopped. 'Sorry, sorry!' she panted, 'I've never squirted like that before, I mean while I was being fucked, I was really completely overcome!' She held me tight and kept kissing me until the effect wore off.

Then she said, 'Come on, we'd better strip the bed otherwise your mattress is going to be ruined!' We jumped off and did so, although I did have a mattress protector on it was obvious that, with the amount she had delivered, it wouldn't have worked for very long. We collapsed in giggles afterwards then went in the bathroom and washed each other under the shower. I got hard again while we were doing this so I fucked her standing up, she loved it.

Once we had thoroughly recovered, washed and dressed, we went to the kitchen and sat down and ate the salad, we drank the whole bottle of Pinot Grigio too! Afterwards we sat on the balcony and had a cup of coffee, while we were chatting she said, 'Do you know Jake, I have never been fucked three times in a row. Not by one man anyway!' 'I hope you enjoyed it then,' I replied. 'I enjoyed it so much,' she responded, 'that I'd like to come back for more!' 'Any time,' I said.