Written by billym

27 Jul 2008

I had heard rumours that the car park at my local supermarket in the south of England was sometimes used for dogging meetings at lunchtimes, I had never noticed anything but now that I am semi-retired I decided to spend a little more time there and see if there really was any action. I sat reading the papers and watched for several days but nothing. Then one midweek wet afternoon I noticed an expensive saloon with a couple in it park near to me at the back of the car park. They did not leave the car and I could see that the blond passengers head would dip below the windscreen for short periods.

I decided to get closer so I drove around and reversed my car next to theirs. Looking across at them I could see the blonds head bobbing up and down in the lap of the driver whose seat was reclined and obviously giving him a blowjob.. The driver could tell that I was watching and said something to the blond who looked across at me and smiled, before continuing with the blowjob, she was kneeling on the seat with her arse pressed against the side window. The driver was stroking her arse and he slowly pulled her skirt up around her waist so that her thong was visible between her cheeks.

The rain had eased slightly and I got out of my car and pretended to rummage about in the boot, the driver had pulled her thong to one side and was thrusting two fingers into her cunt, as I returned to the front seat he pulled her fanny lips apart and held them open so that I was able to have a good view of her.

I sat watching them for another few minutes, then the passenger window of their car was lowered which I took as a sign, looking around I could see that there were no shoppers in the vacinity. I opened my door and stood next to their car, the driver looked at me and nodded, I put my hand into their car and ran my fingertips along her fanny, she was very wet and when I put my two fingers into her she pressed herself back against me. The driver said that I should sit back in my car, get my prick out and get it hard and he would send her around to play with me for a while. This I did, although it took very little to get me erect.

The blond got out of the car and ran around to my passenger door and got in, she was very attractive and I guessed that she was in her mid thirties. She introduced herself as Kate and said that Rob (the driver) was her boss at a local company and that this was one of the few ways that they could get together during the week.She said that they were not brave enough to fuck here but they had never had any problems with blowjobs. She reached across and wrapped her hand around my erection and started to wank me slowly, she asked if I was a tit man, when I said yes she asked if I wanted to see hers, of course I nodded, she pulled the front of her dress down so that I was able to see and feel them. They were fantastic, large and firm with huge long nipples that were firm in the palms of my hands. She said that she could only stay for a short time as she could not leave Rob in the state that he was in. She was still wanking me and said that she was really horny and pulled up her skirt and parted her legs, she pulled her thong to one side, opened her lips to show me and slid two fingers into herself, I reached over and joined her fingers with mine, she was sopping wet! With one last squeeze of my prick she said that she would have to return to Rob and finish him off, but that I was welcome to watch and join them if I saw them again.

She returned to Robs car and resumed giving him his blowjob, after a few minutes she sat up and I assumed that she had finished but Rob got out of the car and came around to her side,he looked around then opened the door and pulled his impressive prick out, Kate lowered her head and as I watched she took him deep into her throat, he pulled out of her mouth and with a few strokes of his hand he shot several large jets of spunk onto the wet tarmac, Kate quickly took him back into her mouth to clear up the remaining traces of his spunk. He zipped himself up and returned to his seat. They tidied themselves up and with a little wave from Kate they drove out of the carpark.

All that remained were the splashes of spunk on the wet ground alongside me, I waited for another few minutes then I went home to finish what she had started...