Written by dunky1

18 Apr 2007

IN BETWEEN leaving school and going to university I worked in the local Sainsburys’ supermarket. Because I had just turned 18 and the majority of the women who worked there during the week were in their 40s or 50s there was always a certain amount of sexual banter. I was amazed at how blatant the women were – they’d think nothing of groping my cock and balls through the front of my jeans or opening up their overalls to show me their tits. The longer I worked there the more suggestive and daring they became. It was a 24-hour supermarket so the night shift was always the most likely to produce my first serious sexual encounter.

I always guessed it would be Debbie – a short tubby woman with a bubbly perm, big bum and huge tits. She was not unattractive but her size would have deterred some men.

I was just pushing a trolley full of folded cardboard boxes past the fruit and vegetable counter when she suddenly grabbed my arm and bundled me into the disabled toilet.

- No more mucking about then, she said. Get your cock out.

With that she undid the front of her overall exposing her bulges held in by a tan pair of tights, through which I could see black knickers, and a lacy white bra from which her tits bulged. She scooped her tits out of the bra so that I could see her near-black nipples which were already erect. She eased her tights and knickers down past he knees so that I could see her very hairy bush of public hair.

- I know I’m nothing to write home about, she said, but it might make you hard. You can feel anything you want.

Tentatively I grabbed her tits with both hands and rolled the nipples around in my fingers. She groaned and began unbuckling my belt and unzipping the fly of my jeans. Soon my Levis and boxers were around my ankles and she was wanking my cock which was growing stiffer by the second.

- Feel my fanny I need to get wet before you fuck me.

My head was spinning but I parted her legs as much as the tights would allow and slid one hand between her legs while I continued to fondle her breasts with the other. Before long I had three fingers inside her and she was soaking wet.

- Now fuck me she said, and turned round while leaning forward to grip the disabled bars. I could just see her pink sticky cunt lips so after rubbing my knob around the entrance to her cunt for a bit I plunged straight in.

- Fuck me hard, she panted. We haven’t got long.

I pounded into her like a man possessed. Just as I could feel my spunk rise she gushed – floods of lovejuice squirting out of her hole and down my thighs. With a grunt I let fly with seven or eight pulses of sticky cum deep inside her cunt.

We didn’t have time for any small talk so pulled our clothes on, unlocked the door and .. walked straight into the night manager.