Written by Adrian

5 Nov 2010

Jenny is a supervisor in a supermarket where most of the other staff are women, at least during the day. In the evenings and at weekends many of the workers are students both male and female, on the tills, stacking shelves, keeping the place clean and tidy. Some of them she said had to be watched otherwise they'd disappear out the back skiving. Jenny is easy going, but doesn't take any crap, but is always fair. She is forty two, a size 12, nice firm 34c tits, a lovely round bum, a natural red head, pale with freckles.

About month back she was working an evening shift. When she came home she seemed a bit flustered and went straight upstairs to shower. She came to bed and I asked if she was all right and she said something had happened at work, before going quiet for several minutes. I asked her again and she told me that something we'd talked about had happened. She noticed one of the lads, who was supposed to be sweeping the floors, was missing. Mike is 18, a handsome lad about 6 foot, always chatting up the girls, a cheeky bugger and had even asked her out for a drink. Although she said he is always cheerful, a smile on his face it's difficult to be angry with him for long. She went to find him and heard noises from the back of the storeroom, about to call out she realised what she could hear. Creeping down one of the aisles until she could see between the shelves, she stood watching. Mike was leaning against the wall, trousers round his ankles, crouching in front of him was Sonia. Sonia is in her late forties, married but you'd never have guessed. She had his cock in her hand slowly wanking him, Jenny thought his cock was at least 8 inches and very thick, as Sonia opened her mouth and took him between her lips and started to suck him off. Jenny said it was such a horny sight, she'd slipped her hand down the front of her trousers, inside her panties and touched her pussy, telling me how wet she'd been. Sonia had about half Mike's cock in her mouth sucking for all she was worth, he held her head with both hands and started thrusting, fucking her mouth, for a minute or two. Sonia seemed to be sucking harder until with a groan he stood still jerking his hips and came in her mouth, holding her head until she'd swallowed. Sonia had then stood up, taken a tissue from her pocket, dabbing her mouth and walked out while he pulled his trousers up.

We were in bed, my prick was rock hard, her hand slowly wanking me, as I asked her what happened next. She continued that she'd still had her hand inside her panties, and had made a noise, “You know what I'm like when I masturbate. I couldn't help myself.” Mike had heard and come over, still doing up his trousers. “He stood there and asked if I'd seen everything. I said I had. He grinned at me and said that Sonia was a dirty slut and asked if I was one too. I told him that I didn't know.” She carried on, Mike had asked her if she'd been wanking, she admitted that she was, realising that her hand was still inside her panties. He had then told her to undo her trousers, push her panties down and play with her pussy. We'd imagined various situations like this and others where I would watch her being fucked, my prick felt like it would explode as I waited for her to continue, “Did you? I prompted her. She told me that she felt as if in a trance and had done as he asked, lent back against a shelf, parted her legs as far as she could and had masturbated in front of him. He had watched, telling her to hold her cunt open and finger fuck her pussy, complaining that her pussy hair was spoiling his view telling her that she should shave her cunt. She'd wanked for him and he'd got his cock out and showed her he was hard again. Seeing his cock she had rubbed her clit and fingered her hole faster as he stroked his prick. “Did you cum?” I wanted to know. “Oh god yes. We both did. Just as I came I felt his spunk splashing me. He was close and his cum was all over my pubes. He didn't let me clean up he pulled my panties up and I spent the rest of the shift with his spunk in my knickers. He stayed behind as we were locking up and told me that he thought I might be a slut and he wanted to fuck me”. I wanted to know if she wanted to have sex with him. “Can I? If I bring him here he can fuck me and you can watch from the conservatory”. I told her to see how things panned out, be slutty, play along and encourage him and tell me what if anything happened. Before we fucked I got her to fetch her used panties and show me his cum. They were still damp and when I held them to my nose a definate odour of spunk.

There shifts only coincide on one or two days each week and over the last three weeks when they have been on the same shift she has been out in the stock room and had let him finger her pussy while she tossed him off and masturbated in front of him again. We have a great fuck when she comes home and tells me about it. Last weekend she shaved her pussy ready to show him as he kept complaining he couldn't see her cunt properly. The evening before last she took his cock in her mouth and sucked him off for the first time, swallowing his spunk. Afterwards she told him that she had decided to let him fuck her if he still wanted to and that I was going to be away. She's told me everything, we'd talked about this in the past now is the opportunity, so long as I can secretly watch. He lives at home so it will have to be our house so ideal. He is coming round on Saturday night to fuck her with his eight inches of fat cock so if you like I will tell you what happens next week.