Written by Insatiablesoph

26 Jan 2015

I haven't written for some time as sadly there hasn't been much to write about in a while. The insatiable Sophie had seemed to have lost her appetite and not much sex had been had at all with me or any other guys.

I can't quite believe after enjoying so much sex before with me and a number of fit young guys how she seemed to manage without it. At 53 maybe it is the hormones but she still looks incredibly hot with an amazing body that could belong to someone 10 years younger and I had wondered if she was fucking someone behind my back but we are still very much in love and very happy otherwise.

I think it is just we don't seem to have the time with very busy lives. We both work full time, have elderly parents requiring regular visits, 2 children still at home and in the last year 2 grandchildren from our 2 older married children so that gives us very little time!

So this Christmas was a wonderful family affair with all the kids at home and the grandchildren for Christmas day and Boxing Day! Interestingly though, we had an extra guest who was a friend of our married son. Our son and he both live locally but he is originally from Australia and all his family are still back there. We had met him a couple of times before and he was a very nice guy, always polite, a great sense of humour and quite good looking - well that's what Sophie had said particularly when we had first met him back in the summer for a BBQ on a very hot day and he had his shirt off displaying a very fit body.

He was 32 and no regular girlfriend at the moment so you may guess where this is going but I certainly didn't at the time and neither I think did Sophie the way our sex life was.

Anyway he wasn't flying out to see his family until Sunday 28th December so our son had suggested he could join us rather than spend Christmas alone as our house has always been an open house to friends and family.

Our married daughter was staying over with us they don't live locally but our son and his friend Dan went back to their respective homes on Christmas day. Boxing Day we were all together again and the partying continued. The drinking started quite early at lunchtime and just continued so some of us were quite merry by early evening and I had first noticed a couple of flirty glances between Sophie and Dan but thought nothing of it although for a moment my mind was wandering to my wife of old when I knew that look would lead to some serious sexy fun, usually involving an extra male!

Nothing more happened that day and we all retired to bed quite early as most of us had to be up early in the morning. Our son had left early to go back to theirs as they were off to his in-laws in the morning. Dan had drunk too much to drive and stayed after they had left so he was offered a bed for the night in the spare room and our daughter who lives at home had gone off to spend the night with her boyfriend who she would be spending the next day (and no doubt night) with.

So I was up early to drop our youngest at her friends who she was going into London with then going back to for a sleepover and then dropping our oldest at the airport to fly to Scotland to see her in-laws. So that left Dan fast asleep in the spare room and Sophie mooching around the house in her dressing gown so you can guess where this is going but still I had no idea. Sophie said she was still tired and might go back to bed so told me to be quiet when I came back and apparently she had no inkling either she wouldn't be in bed alone for long.

It had been a great family Christmas but I was looking forward to a nice quiet day with just me and Sophie. I didn't really expect there to be any sex and had forgotten for a moment that Dan was still there. I did remember to enter the house quietly when I returned though and as I quietly closed the door I was immediately aware of a sound coming from the bedroom I hadn't heard in a long time.

It actually sounded like one of our old 'home movies' playing but as I listened carefully at the bottom of the stairs I knew this was for real. The bedroom door was half open and I could hear the bed creaking wildly and Sophie was moaning loudly then crying out "Oh yes! Fuck me hard . . . . Oh god yes . . . . that's good . . . . Oh fuck!"

"Oh yes that is so good" I heard Dan gasp as I crept quietly up the stairs. I glanced discretely round the door as I didn’t want to disturb them and they were clearly in full swing. Sure enough I could see them both completely naked on top of our bed with Sophie on her back, her long legs spread wide and her hands frantically grasping at his buttocks which clenched with every thrust. He sure had a great body and great stamina as her pounded her relentlessly, hard and fast.

He paused, breathing heavily then they were locked in a passionate embrace - this was the Sophie I knew and loved of old and thought I would never see again.. . . and I was loving every minute of this amazing sex show. I already had my cock out and was rock hard wondering whether to join in. They were so wrapped up they hadn't noticed me although I knew Sophie would be happy for me to join in I wasn't sure how Dan would be so was content to just watch for now. I'm sure my wife must have realised when this all kicked off that I would more than likely return and catch them at it but I didn’t want to spoil the flow of it.

They rolled together so Sophie was on top still locked in each other’s arms and now I could see his cock buried in her hole. He looked a good size and I could see her pussy lips wrapped snuggly around him. He pulled out and thrust back up into her, his shaft gleaming with her juices and the lovely wet sounds of her pussy was music to my ears as he fucked my darling wife. She sat up facing away from me but I heard her giggle and the memories came flooding back of the guys I had seen her ride like this . . . . . I knew she would cum soon.

"mmmm" he murmured as his hands reached up to cup her gorgeous swaying breasts. Sophie's full yet firm tits were always a hit with the guys and Dan was clearly enjoying them as much as her tight warm pussy gripping his cock. He squeezed her nipples which she loved "Oh yes" she gasped. Her head was thrown back as her hips rocked back and forth grinding into him, gently at first then with desperation as she thundered towards her climax.

"Of fuck! Oh yes fuck, fuck, fuck!" she cried as she came. I could sense the immense sense of relief, the outpouring of lust and passion that I hadn't seen in a while. I don't know if she still masturbates or whether she hadn't had an orgasm in a long time but certainly not through intercourse so there was an amazing release happening as her body trembled and she writhed around on him for what seemed like an age.

"Wow!" he chuckled as she collapsed onto his chest "that looked amazing"

"It was" she gasped "can't tell you how much I needed that"

Her hips still gently rotated and I knew she wanted more . . . besides he had managed to hold back and was clearly still hard inside her!

He was helpless as she started to ride him again.

"Fuck you are amazing Sophie" he gasped clearly appreciating my insatiable wife.

"Oh god . . . . Oh god I love your cock" she murmured "it feels so good inside me . . . so hard . . . so deep . . . . Oh god I'm gonna cum again!" Wow she was back on form for sure!

"Yeeeeeeeeeees" she screamed long and loud her body convulsing with her pleasure.

His hands gripped her waist firmly as he tried to thrust up into her.

"Now that felt amazing" he laughed as she leant forward again and kissed him passionately her tongue thrusting into his mouth.

They pulled away "mmmmm absolutely amazing" she murmured

"Oh yes I can still feel you twitching" he replied

"God that felt so good . . . . you turn me on so much . . . . that was the most incredible orgasm . . . . my whole body is tingling" she continued.

"Sophie you turn me on big time too" he chucked in agreement "I don't want it to stop but I'm ready to burst"

"mmmm oh yes you feel so hard,I want to feel you cum now" she begged wriggling her hips playfully.

"mmm that won't be difficult . . . . your pussy feels awesome . . . mmmm so hot, so wet . . . . where do you want me to cum?" he rather politely enquired.

"Inside me . . . . I want your cum in my pussy" she demanded.

That's how she always liked and what guy could refuse that . . . I was almost shooting in my hand just listening to my wife say that!

"I want you to fuck me from behind though" she added desperately. She knew what she wanted and she was in control.

"mmm with pleasure" he laughed as she rolled off him and onto all fours in one graceful move. She looked amazing there on our bed, bum thrust up, pussy gaping, so inviting waiting for this young guy to penetrate her once more.

He knelt behind her pausing for a moment, clearly admiring the wonderful view, his cock twitching in anticipation. He teased his tip along her soaking crack, hardly containing his excitement.

"Come on fuck me" she cried impatiently wiggling her bum "get that lovely cock inside me"

He took a deep breath, grabbed her hips and obediently buried his tool deep inside my horny wife with one massive lunge.

"Oh fuck!" he gasped as he push up hard again her bum cheeks, driving his cock as far as it would go.

"mmmmm Sophie, you are so fucking gorgeous, this so good mmmm, mmmm , mmmm" he gasped with every thrust.

"mmmm so are you" she whispered breathlessly, her body rocking back and forth in time with him "this is heaven . . . ooo I can feel you going so deep"

"Oh yes it's deep . . . fucking deep . . . . fucking gorgeous" he gasped as he clearly teetered on the edge of release about to fill my wife.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum" he confirmed urgently thrusting, his face screwed up with pleasure.

"Oh yes! give it to me" she cried "fill my pussy . . . mmmm . . . you'll make me cum again"

"Oh yes . . . oh yes . . . oh yes!" he bellowed gripping her hips tight, pulling his cock into her deepest parts, his buttocks clenching with each spurt of cum pumped into my hungry wife.

On the second twitch of his cock her pussy walls no doubt gripped him tight, the warmth of his spunk flooding her tipping her over the edge once more as she squealed "oh yeeeeeeees" and they writhed together sharing the mutual bliss of orgasm. It seemed to go on forever, their bodies joined and moving so perfectly together as one. This was the most beautiful erotic spectacle I had seen in a long time. Indeed for Sophie it had been a long time since she had experienced anything like that and as it turned he hadn't had sex either for some months so the wonderful appearance of sexual satisfaction was very real as they went still and just held together for a moment.

His cock was still inside her and their bodies pressed tight as they both sighed almost in harmony. She turned and smiled and he bent to kiss her tenderly "that was brilliant" she whispered "when do you fly out to Australia?" she added with a naughty giggle of a much younger woman.

"Not until tomorrow" he chuckled "and yes that was brilliant maybe we can do it again"

"Oh I do hope so . . . . you can stay until tomorrow if you want, we have an empty house till then" she grinned "and I would love to do it again. . . . if you want me again that is"

"Are you kidding Sophie" he scoffed "that was the best fuck I have had in a long time"

"You’re just saying that" she retorted, her old insecurities surfacing "I'm sure you rather be with some young girl"

"hell no way" he interjected "I'm not just saying that . . . in fact I don't think I have ever been ridden quite like that before you just looked and felt beautiful when you came . . . . . as for when we came together . . . wow! . . . you must have felt how much I came"

"Oh indeed I did" she smirked "And I can feel it still inside me now! I hope there is some left"

"Oh plenty more where that came from" he re-assured "being with someone as hot and sexy as you I'll happily spend all day in bed with you . . . so long as you can take it."

"Oh when I'm feeling this horny I'll take as much as I can get" she replied eagerly

The way the conversation was going I was half expecting them to kick off again and he hadn't even pulled out of her but suddenly the reality dawned as Dan slipped out of her and laid down beside her enquiring "but what about David?" (that's me)

"Oh he likes to watch me and join in . . . . double the pleasure for me!" she replied confidently.

"Fuck didn't have you guys down as swingers but then didn't have you down as the cheating type either" he looked almost confused "but then you are one hot lady . . . I've never done stuff like this before but if you guys want a bit of extra help in the bedroom I'd love to help."

"Actually we haven't done anything like this for a while . . . . but you have reminded me how good it can be so yes we would love a little extra help! . . . . . that would be great wouldn't it David?" she said rather loudly, clearly knowing I was there. I was already naked and sporting the hugest aching erection as I rather sheepishly entered the room to Dan’s clear astonishment.

He looked lost for words "Jeez mate, I hope you don't mind . . . it just kind of happened . . . your lady is just fucking amazing"

"Well I'm very glad it happened and it did look amazing” I replied walking up to the bed and playfully slapping Sophie's bum which was still thrust up invitingly . . . . inviting me. Her pussy was gaping, the lips flushed pink and a stream of white milky cum dripping down onto the sheets she looked so sexy and fuckable.

". . . and I love to see my wife being appreciated and fucked by a young guy" I continued, now gently caressing her curves, up her thighs, over her hips to her slim waist "you certainly made her cum Dan, I like a guy who knows how to treat a lady"

"She was very responsive . . . wasn't all me" he replied modestly

I spread her pussy lips to see more of his cum still seeping from her "mmm and looks like she made you cum a lot too" I chuckled.

"Sure took a bit of control holding back in such a gorgeous pussy" he replied "and boy she did squeeze a lot out of me!"

"mmmmm yes it felt so good when you came" Sophie interrupted "so much warmth flooding me deep inside . . . haven't felt drench like that in a while . . . so how long were you watching darling" she enquired of me.

"Long enough" I chuckled, desperate now to have her and sink my throbbing cock into her warm sloppy hole.

I ran my fingers along her slippery crack as yet another large blob of cum dripped down then nudged my tip against it.

She knew what I wanted and she wanted it too as she eased her bum back towards me and I found her entrance without any guidance. Then she forced herself back, her heavenly tunnel instantly engulfing my swollen manhood with a massive squelch.

"Happy Christmas Darling" she giggled as I gasped in shock "Oh fuck!"

This was the best present ever and I had forgotten just how good sloppy seconds feels. Her pussy was so hot like it was on fire and so wet and slippery.

"Yes please" she urged as I started to fuck her hard and fast with deep love and lust combined. I knew I wouldn't last long so little point in holding back and I already knew we would be fucking a lot that day. Indeed Dan had never witnessed 2 people fucking next to him before and looked almost astonished but clearly aroused by the situation and getting ready for more!

I lasted about 3 or 4 minutes with a few pauses before I exploded inside her with the most amazing orgasm adding another huge load to Dan's, by which time he was already getting hard as he subconsciously stroked himself so I knew he would be ready again soon to continue her pleasure.

I just collapsed on the bed and for now the 3 of us just lay there Sophie languishing contently between us guys as we both gently caressed her soft skin and she kissed us tenderly in turn.

"I think I'm going to enjoy today" she giggled turning to Dan, her hand reaching down to stroke his growing manhood.

"Me too" he chuckled, as he turned her onto her side, lift one leg and sunk his cock straight into her heavenly hole.

"Jeez" he gasped "that is one very hot wet pussy, that is just exquisite" he added as he slowly started to thrust deep inside my totally available wife!

. . . . . so that is how the day continued! The lovely Sophie re-discovered that insatiable desire for sex again spending the whole morning taking everything Dan and I could give her! Actually it was well into the afternoon before we finally took a long break . . . . there were little breaks in between bouts of one on one and some wonderful full on threesomes where she revelled in pleasuring and enjoying 2 hard cocks at once. Sophie certainly hadn't forgotten how to handle this and managed to drain 4 loads out of Dan and 3 from me whilst wallowing in countless orgasms herself.

Slightly exhausted we headed downstairs for a late lunch and Sophie rather greedily asked if Dan could stay through the following night before he flew off to Australia. Naturally after what he had experience already he willingly accepted our invitation. "he could just get some sleep on the flight" he laughed adding that he would have to finish packing his bags sometime, so after eating he headed off for couple of hours before I went to collect him so I could take him straight to the airport in the morning.

To find out just how they had ended up fucking that morning while I was away and what happened after he came back from packing later that day read part 2!