22 Oct 2015

She steps from the shower and wraps the thick warm towel around herself, her hair still dripping she bends forward wrapping the smaller towel around her hair before flicking it back and tucking the loose end under the edge. She dabs at a nick from the razor on her leg from when she had heard the front door opening, startling her as she concentrated on doing a good job.

She opens the door from the en-suite and the steam flows into the bedroom, as she walks out she sees her husband sitting on the bottom of the bed, "oh it was you who came in?" she said with an accusational tone. "Well who else were you expecting?" he replied being playful, knowing full well that she would be thinking of the previous night where after a few glasses of wine she had been very forthcoming about playing around with his friend. This was a sanctioned affair where her husband received just as much pleasure hearing about what they got up to when he wasn't there as she did fucking this forbidden man. "Well that's why I shaved" she said upping the ante of the playfulness, suddenly her arms where grabbed from behind and her wrists where bound together. She let out a scream with the shock, she was held firmly as a blindfold was put on her by her husband leaving the towel from her head discarded on the floor, her towel covering her was next leaving her naked and quivering. The strong arms behind her pulled her back and his hands began fondling her ample breasts, she heard the chirpy tone of the camera and knew her husband was filming her which made her moist that and the erection pressing into her backside through his trousers also helped.

He manoeuvred her in front of the large wall mounted mirror all the while playing with her tits and rubbing her mound, her breathing was getting heavier as she gave into the situation, feeling helpless a familiar voice from behind asked her where she wanted it. The thought that he could have any of her holes added to her excitement as she heard his belt being undone and falling to the floor making a loud clatter, she was bent double and at first she resisted pulling herself back upright, this earned her a stinging pinch to her right nipple and a warning that next time he was going to fuck her arse. She complied next time and felt her hair being gathered by her husband so that her lover could see her face and tits as he took her, he grabbed her wrists by the binding and sunk his cock deep into her and powerfully slammed himself into her. The feeling was delicious for her, the whole situation had her throbbing inside and she knew she wouldn't take long, sure enough a huge wave of pleasure built up in her before causing her muscles to contract around his shaft before the euphoric release, her pussy squirted her love juice and it splashed noisily on the wooden floor and her legs began to buckle, she was turned in the nick of time and she landed with her face on the mattress.

As she lay defenceless on the bed her binds where removed and she was helped fully onto the bed and laying on her back her arms where raised and placed into the Velcro straps that were sometimes used, still blindfolded she felt someone kneeling onto the bed by her left breast and someone else at her right thigh. The fingers circled a while before entering her and as she gasped she felt the smooth skin of a penis by her cheek, she opened her mouth and began sucking whoevers cock it was. "I am going to cum in your mouth" her lover told her and at the moment she wanted nothing more than to please them, she felt her husband fingers pull out before he replaced them with his swollen cock. She knew that he would be watching her close up as she sucked his friend and tried her hardest to make a good show for him, wanking him as she sucked him hard making loud slurping noises. She felt her husbands pace quicken as he was spurred on by her efforts and she felt another orgasm rising, she took the cock from her mouth and gripped it in her hands as she came again soaking the bedsheets and feeling her fluid running down her arse and onto her husbands balls as he carried on fucking her deep and hard before shooting his load deep into her. Her lover after a while asked her husband to move out of the way and he resumed fucking her to another orgasm before he himself came.

She lay panting on the bed as she heard clothes being gathered up and footsteps walking down the stairs, she then heard the chirp of the camera being turned off and then the restraints were undone so she could take of the blindfold. She just lay for a while bathing in the afterglow before turning to her husband and saying "are you happy now?", he just nodded as he watched the mixture of semen running out of his wife, he knew the memory of this would last forever.