Written by Jacko

23 Sep 2013

About 10 years myself and a group of mates booked our annual blokes week away. we had been doing this since we were able to afford it. It started with a week-end in Blackpool but now we could afford a week abroad sun, sea and sex lots of it we hoped.

At the last minute my boss asked could I postpone as he had got a 4 month contract for a job but it meant being away from home for the length of time. I managed to get someone to take my place and off I went while the boys went of to Ibeza.

Job finished a lot of money in my pocket start of Autumn on a whim booked a last minute deal to Cyprus accomodation allocated on arrival. Well I landed on my feet because I had a great hotel big double room, big enough for company I hoped, and although it was out of the way, a courtesay bus to town where the action was. Next morning at breakfast my heart sank a little the hotel was full of older couples or elderly people on their own. Mmmm could see me spending a lot of time using the bus to town. I spent the first day relaxing by the pool with thoughts of I hoped horny nights. A couple sat down at the next sun bed she late 30s early 40s great figure nice round plump arse good pair of tits. hubby would not see 60 again but well turned out tailored shorts and shirt. We exchanged chit chat then I went of to prepare for my night on the town. Well it did not go exactly to plan the girl I hooked up with did not want to come back to the hotel to far to get back to hers so it was and did not want to have full sex so it was a blow job in the toilets then I licked her till she came we promised to meet the next night.

Again by the pool again this same couple chit chat she got up and went back to there room. he chatted how had I got on in town me a little rueful not how I expected. He laughed no shag then, I made a wanking motion shrugged my shoulders.

He said well I can fix that for you I have a very horny wife and due to my age I can not always get an erection, soooooooo if you want we can go back to our room you can ride her while I watch. I was a little stunned at his suggestion but well the thought of that nice plump arse and good sized tits made Mr cock very hard.

We arrived at there room he going in first darling I have a nice surprise for you. Her very dirty chuckle replied I hope it is that nice young man from the pool I stepped into the room. She was naked on the bed her legs slightly apart very hairy pussy on show, I eagerly stripped of, hubby also stripped of his cock was only semi hard I was rock hard a new experience for me being watched. He went to a drawer a pulled out 4 silk scarves and tied her to the bed and also one to tye round her mouth, he said she is a screamer I don`t want the staff to come running thinking she is being assaulted.

He sat on the chair and said now ride the arse of her, I knelt beside her first taking one lovely plump tit in my mouth then the other sucking hard on the nipple, I heard him say she dosen`t mind if you bite a little, I nibble little nips here and there over her tits working my way down her body till got to her cunt,it was juicy I licked nice little licks sucking and nibbling the inside of her thighs. Even with the gag on I could hear her moans of pleasure. I started to rub the tip of my cock over her cunt she was so wet her hair was matted with pussy juice, I could see in her eyes she was pleading for me to push my cock in but I teased a little more just nudging the entrance then with a hard thrust I was in up to my balls, I did not move just let her feel the throb of my cock then I slid out again I repeated this a few times her hips were straining to try to get me in. Then I started to ride her hard and fast I could hear the screams through the gag/ Hubbys excited voice from behind me, spunk on her face and at the last minute I pulled out let a stream of spunk hit her face.

I lay back geting my breath back hubby undid the scarfs and she pulled his semi limp cock into her mouth and I watched as she tried to suck him hard it took a while but I heard him groan. His cock slid out of her mouth he gently kissed her on the mouth thank you darling he murmered.

Then it was my turn she took my cock in her mouth sucking me to hardness, hubby siting beside us watching. She lowered hereself onto my cock and started to ride me her voice was starting to rise to a scream as she rode me to orgasm I put my hand over her mouth and she bit me, ouch, angered a little I pushed her onto her back thrusting hard into her hand still clamped to her mouth, she writhed underneath me, me determined I was in charge of this fuck soon we were as one me fucking her as hard as I could with my hand over her mouth we both came together my hot spunk filling her cunt she biting my hand as her muffled scream of pleasure escaped.

I spent the rest of that week in there company which even when I was not fucking her they were a good fun. When I left they gave me their no to call they still had another few days at the hotel and maybe we could meet up. Yes I did meet them a few times I really stopped when I met my wife I knew she wouldn`t understand it.