Written by John

8 Jan 2015

For the first time in 27 years I visited England without my wife, I was there to sort out some banking & as my mother-in-law was not doing well my wife had to stay at home in the States. I was only on a long weekend so had no plans to visit with any one that I knew in my home town.

My flight had been a night flight & after a few hours on a train I was glad to have booked into a motel & was about to hit the bed & get a few hours sleep before finding somewhere to eat.

I had just removed my jacket when there was a knock on my rooms door. Opening it I was surprised to find Lorraine my ex-wife standing there. She reached forward,kissed me on the cheek, said hi John & brushed by me into the room. After asking her how the hell she knew that I was here, she explained that she had just happened to she me entering the motel as she passed in her car after dropping her husband off at the rail station as he was going out of town for the weekend to a fishing tournoment. Then really surprised me by telling me she was there to fuck me.

I was completely floored by this & didn't now what to say, to this. However it did stir something in me as she had always been great in bed & the last time we had been in bed together had been 1983 which was nearly 30 years ago.

Lorraine removed her coat, looked directly into my eyes, reached down to the hem of her dress, then quickly pulled it up over her head to reveal her completely naked body to me. I was looking at a body that was still in fairly good shape although her tits where now sagging & to my surprise her pussy was bald. I had seen it like this one time before when Bishop & I had shaved her after a long fucking session with her. She asked me what I thought of the view she was giving me. I told her it was pretty good but had gone to seed a little. She told me that she suspected my body wouldn't be as it used too be if I was to take my clothes off. At this she moved toward me & undid my belt, unzipped me allowing my trousers to drop to the floor, then took hold of my underpants & slid them down to the floor, to reveal my now growing hard penis. She dropped to her knees & expertly started to work on it with her mouth. My hands reached down to her breasts so that I could knead them. After a minute or so she jumped up got on to the bed, opened her legs & told me to fuck her, she wanted to feel me in her again after all these years. My dick was more than ready to be buried in her pussy so I mounted her & th rusted myself into her, fucking her & bringing back all those sexual memories that we had shared. Her body thruster up at me making me feel all those feelings that she had always given me & it was not long before my seed was firing into her. Rolling from her I lay there savoring the feelings that I had just received by being inside her pussy.

Lorraine lay there for a few minutes then took hold of my flaccid cock, stroked it a few times trying to make it come hard again as she wanted me to fuck her again. She told me she remembered the times when Bishop & I used to fuck her several times each & she could always make us rampant with our need to have our cocks inside her giving her as much pleasure as she gave the pair of us.

She went down on my penis working it with her mouth making it come to life again & once it was fully erect again she mounted me & began to ride me. I just lay back watching her flabby tits bouncing up &down as she rode my penis. One of my hands moved to caresse them while the other moved to her pussy to find her clitoris so that I could play with it & it was no time before she started to climax, telling me to keep it up & to thrust up at her. As she came she was very loud, so loud that I'm sure that anyone in adjacent rooms must have heard her.

Once she had come down she moved from me & laid along side me, allowing me to feel her tits & play with her pussy as she played with my cock & balls, telling me how much she had missed me & how much she had loved the sex she had shared with me & Bishop. She told me that the pair of us had given her the best sex she had ever had & she had, had an awful lot. I asked her how many men she had given her body to in sex. To my surprise she told me she gave up counting after a couple of hundred & there had been a lot after that. She couldn't help herself, she loved sex & she just wanted to find out how the sex would be with any man she came accross. She then confessed to me that she had fucked quite a few of my friends, even naming them.

She wanted to fuck again, but I couldn't get it up again, so she told me that she would go down to the bar a pick up a couple of guys & come back to my room with them & fuck them in front of me & hope that the show would get me hard again so she could have me inside her again. I told her I doubted that she could pick up anybody. She told me that she would be back in about an hour & she bet me that if she did then I was to eat her out after she finished being fucked by them & if she didn't she would pick up a woman & give me a lesbian show.

She was as good as her word, within an hour came back to my room with two guys that where a good deal younger than her & where reasonably good looking probably business men from out of town.

In no time the three of them where naked & Lorraine was being taken by the pair of them very vigorously in several different positions . The pair of them had her in a continuous orgasm similar to how Bishop & I had used to all those years ago. She was loving it & in her sexual element. It was hard for me to believe that she was nearly 66 years old. They fucked her for about three hours until the pair of them where completely drained of all ability to get their cocks up anymore. Kissing her goodnight & telling her that she was a great fuck, they left.

Lorraine climbed on to the bed, opened her legs then told me she had won a bet & I was to keep my side of the bet as the looser & she wanted me to eat her out. There was no hesitation on my part , my head went down between her legs & began to eat at her pussy lapping at the semen, allowing it to slide down my throat. Saving some I came to her mouth & began to kiss her allowing the semen left in my mouth to flow into her mouth. Smiling she accepted it then swallowed it. I rolled her over then mounted her from behind taking her doggie style.

She spent the night & we slept in each other's arms as we used to nearly 30 years ago. The next day I did my banking business, returned to my motel in a hurry as I had left her in bed waiting for me to fuck her again. I was hoping that I could keep it up for the next 48 hours or so before I flew home. My 71 years only allowed for me to only have a couple of more sessions with her but they were wonderful & I returned to the States well drained but very satisfied.

I did manage to satisfy my wife in bed the night I got home. Luckily she prefers my tongue & fingers.