Written by James

23 Jun 2012

I am a delivery driver often having to spend nights away from home, I had suspected that my wife Tina was having an affair when I was working away, it was only a suspician and I certainly couldn't prove it, as nothing ever happened when I was there.

On the day in question I had been making deliveries in Devon and had been booked into a grotty little hotel in dorset where I was due to make deliveries the following day, on an evening stroll along the sea front I saw a couple a few yards in front of me, they were holding hands and cuddling, I followed them as they went down onto the beach dissapearing under the pier, hiding behind a pillar I watched as they kissed, his hands fondling her breasts, his hands then pulled up her skirt and pulling down her panties started to finger her, she sterted squeeling, it was about this time that I recognised the the girl in the shadows appeared to be my wife, To put it mildly I was shocked but surprisingly aroused, as I watched she dropped to her knee's pushing his cock into her mouth she could be seen sucking hard on it, when they finished I followed them to their hotel.

Plucking up courage I found out from the receptionist which room they were staying in,

I stood outside the door listening to the noises coming from inside, I could visualise from the noises what was happening inside the room, knocking the door , it was opened by the man wearing only his shorts, I pushed my way in to find Tina lying on the bed, naked, was she surprised to see me, but was it partly my own fault for neglecting her, she knew that a fantacy of mine like I'm sure many other men was to see her being fucked by another bloke, it was suggested that we take advantage of the situation and let me fulfill my fantacy, while she enjoyed herself.

I sat in the armchair and watched as she dropped his shorts and started to suck on his erection, I couldn't help but notice that his cock was considerably bigger than mine, about nine and a half inches he claimed, she then rolled onto her back pushing her fingers into her obviously wet pussy working them into her rubbing her clit, he rolled ontop of her pushing his member ito her, fucking her hard, making her squeel, her legs wrapped tightly around him pulling him tightly into her, he pulled out, turning her over and pulled her onto her knee's he then pushed his cock into her arse fucking it hard and causing her to moan and pant, this was something that she had never allowed me to do.

While this was happening I had my cock out wanking, it was indeed a very arrousing sight, eventually they finished, with him cumming in her arse, walking over to her she grabbed my erect cock wanking it till I cum over her boobs, that night I slept in the chair, watching them again the following morning as she wanked him and he fingered her.

After we returned home we agread that we had both enjoyed the experience and that we would do it again, but would do it with up front with each other, since then we have had other enjoyable experiences