Written by Paul

28 Feb 2011

I have been reading these stories for the last few months and thought that they probably just a figment of the writers imagination, but last week I read a couple of postings 'Holiday Fun' and realised that I have known these two ladies for many years I was of course very surprised,especialy since I was in the same hotel as them in North Cyprus I did suspect that something may be going on with the young waiters but due to the age difference didn't think they were doing all that, I hope she will tell us more. While this was happening to June and Marg I was having my own experience. I was on holiday alone as my wife had left me and had arranged to meet the ladies there, now I know why they were always late getting up in the mornings. I had met a couple from Coventry Roger and Nina they were both in their late sixties and a bit overweight like myself, we spent a lot of time chatting together by the pool. One day they drcided to go to the small local beach and asked me to join them, we found a sucluded spot between some rocks and lay down to top up our tan. After a short while Roger suggested that Nina remove her top to get rid of her white bits, she didn't take long and I was then looking at a superb pair of tits with big thick nipples that were obviously hardening in the sun, or was she aroused. After a bit of banter she removed her pants to get an all over tan, Roger lucky man rubbed cream on her bum and pussy but ran out before he finished the job, he returned to the hotel to get more, leaving nina and I to continue sunbathing. Nina kept looking over at my now large bulge, eventually she said I must be very uncomfortable with a hard cock, was it her that was the cause, wwhen I said yes she asked me to remove my shorts and leaning over pulled my cock and started to wank it, I leaned over and put my fingers in her now very wet pussy, she was moaning and I moved on top of her she wrapped her legs tightly around me pushing my cock into her hot, wet pussy a and pumped her till I came into her. Roger returned, continued rubbing the cream into Nina, when he got to her pussy he noticed her lips were swollen and wide open with cum seeping out, was this you he said, when I smiled he told me that his wife had wanted me to shag her for the last few days and invited me to join them that night.