Written by Harry

24 Jan 2016

I was curious about wife cheating and went onto the Internet to find out. Seems that somewhere between 15% and 30% of wives at all ages cheat at least once during their marriage. Made me wonder whether my chubby, ordinary looking 40 yr old wife (I'm no Adonis either) had cheated on me. To be honest, I didn't think anyone would be interested in her, so I dismissed the thought until one day a few months ago when returning early from my Saturday golf game because of rain and heard strange sounds coming from the spare room just beyond our bedroom. I looked in and had a view of the foot of the bed as it stretched away from the doorway.

My wife was naked on it on her back with legs spread and wrapped around the dark, stumpy body of a friend from work pounding away with a good sized wet and glistening cock slipping energetically in and out of her pussy. Her hands were spasmodically grasping the flesh of his back and her groin was rhythmatically thrusting up into the downward strokes of his cock. She was obviously getting close to coming, loudly moaning and gasping her passionate response to his fucking.

I was stunned for a few moments taking in this highly erotic sight before me. The Internet had told me men, especially married men, were extremely voyeuristic and most would like to see their wives being fucked by another man, but I didn't think that applied to me - until that moment. Anger and arousal both hit me in equal measure as I continued to stand there, my cock rapidly rising inside my clothing.

My ears were assaulted by the short, sharp yelps now started making - a sound I well knew was the preliminary to her coming. Sure enough, a few seconds later her yelps turned into short screams of release as her climax hit. I watched as her hips arched up and tensed into rigidity beneath him and her hands beat upon his back. At the same time, she wailed out, "Oh, God! Oh, God! I'm coming! Don't stop! Ohhhhhh!" He was pounding furiously into her reaching for his own release. Just about the time her climax was ending, he bellowed several times as his hips rammed into her and flooded her pussy with his cum. Almost immediately, it started to ooze out around the shaft of his cock as he continued plunging into her.

I was still standing there in the doorway watching as they finished. As he lay on her, both of them panting from their exertions, I shucked off my clothing and approached the side of the bed and tapped him on the shoulder. His head sprang up and turned toward me and his eyes widened in alarm as he said, "Oh, shit. What the fuck are you doing back so soon!" It struck me as humorous and I replied, "Watching you fuck my wife, you silly bastard." By now, she was also staring at me with alarm as I continued, "Get off her and get out! It's my turn."

He sprang up and reached for his clothes as I replaced him between her legs. She cried out, "What are you doing!" As I lowered my hips to her cum smeared groin I replied, "What do you think - I'm going to get my share!" I plunged my now rampant cock up her swollen and cum sodden pussy and fucked away for dear like. Fucking her through his cum strangely excited me and I quickly pounded into her, fast approaching my climax. As I did so, she wrapped her arms and legs around me and fucked me back.

I came with a shout and added my cum to his inside her and continued thrusting to prolong my ecstasy. During my come down I kissed her with lots of tongue and, after some initial hesitation on her part, she enthusiastically joined in, probably relieved that I had fucked her instead of making a grand scene. As we lay there with me on top, I heard the entrance door to our flat slam shut as he left.

With my semi-hard cock still in her, I raised my head and asked, "So. How long has this been going on, and have you fucked anybody else?" She looked a little alarmed and asked, "Are you going to be angry if I tell you?" I said, "No, I just want to know about everything. Give me the short version now, and we'll go into the details later." She hesitated for a few moments as I stared at her, then replied, "Well, I've fucked Sam a few times before ….. and a let the washing machine repairman come on to me once." "Did you fuck him, too?," I asked, and she nodded her head as a 'yes'.

Her admission excited me and I felt my cock start to harden again. Curious, I asked, "Why did you do it with them?" Her reply saddened me a bit when she said, "No one looks at me like that, not even you. Oh, yes, you want to fuck me every so often, but even you don't look at me with passion. So when these two looked that way at me, I weakened, and when they pursued me, I needed it as a woman."

By now I was rock hard again and started sliding my cock into her with passion and sudden urgency, the image of other men between her legs and making her come inflaming me. She looked at me and said, "You finally look like you really want me. I still love you, but I need to be needed in bed. I need to be fucked with passion." She kissed me and gripped me tightly as she fucked me back. I fucked her hard and, within a few minutes, I came with her when her body arched up and she wailed out another climax.

We rested in each other's arms afterward, then fucked the rest of the afternoon. That night, we had a long discussion telling each other what we felt, what we needed, and how we were going to satisfy each other's sexual and emotional needs. It was a very illuminating discussion. Since then, I look upon her with a renewed sense of lust, probably a combination of knowing she would be able to attract other men if she so desires, and the images burned into my mind of seeing her being taken that afternoon by another man.

Just a few weeks ago a man at the crowded dance night at our local pub asked her to dance when I was absent at the bar getting us drinks. She danced with him, then re-joined me at our table and told me he had come on to her. I was instantly horny and asked if she was interested in having him while I watched. She was and we invited him to return to ours and had a lusty time as a three-some, and are now talking about doing similar as a regular part of our renewed sexual activity.