Written by Dave53

4 Jul 2010

I,m in my 50s and I have had an allotment for over 12 years, it's only a small site with just 15 allotted gardens. Since the old man in the next garden to mine died aged 85 3 years ago, the rest of us are all off working age, so we have to help each other with watering and other small daily jobs when we can not get down do to work.

We old Fred died we expected his son to take over, but he didn't, and it was left unkempt until this March when Suzie took it on, (Suzie a petite women about 40) she cleared a small area and her son laid some slabs. Then one day this shed turned up and Suzie and he son where struggling with it, so I was down and only tiding up myself went over to give then a hand, 3hrs later this massive 10ft X 8ft shed was up far bigger then any shed down there.

A few weeks later I am putting my potatoes in and Suzie's by now had cleared about half the garden, she shouted me over and as approached she bent down and I could see her cleavage, she had no bra on, she said I never thanked you for helping with the shed, let me make you cupper. I said ok and went with her to her shed, it was warm enough to work in a t shirt but not sit around. I could not believe the inside of her shed, carpet on the floor curtains up a arm chair and patio table and chairs, and to top it all a gas bottle and tea making tackle and heater. My shed is tidy for about 6 weeks in spring after it's annual clear out. Anyway we chatted away, she said I owe you one, I said don't be silly we help each other down here, you owe me nothing.

She came over to me and kissed me on the cheek, but I insist she said, she kissed me again but this time on the lips, when she came in for third time it was full scale snog. I said someone mite come, you know and I know you can set you clock with this lot, if there not down by now they are not coming, anyway I can always lock the door. We started kissing again and she released my harder from my jeans. My arms roaming all over her slender body, by now my hand had found her part shaved pussy, first 1 finger then 2 and soon I had 3 fingers up her wet swollen pussy, fuck me Suzie said fuck me, seconds later we were naked on the floor I fucked her missionary to start with, then she said she wanted to be on top, she straddled my throbbing cock kneeling over me lowering herself on to my cock up and down she went orgasm after orgasm she had, I was trying to control my ejaculation when she said from back fuck me doggy, come on Suzie wants doggy. I bent her over the arm chair and rammed my 7 inch rock hard cock in to her wet pussy, I only lasted about 4 or 5 pushes before I exploded in he cunt, don't draw out yet you bastard she said keep pumping until it falls out itself. My cock softening it eventually fell out and I staggered to a chair, I was knacked.

We put our cloths back on and had another cup of tea, she said that's our little secret, I said well I will not say anything I'm married. my wife comes down in the summer, Suzie said she would like to meet her your secrets safe with me. I my have been the first to christen the potting shed but I did see another gardener come out the shed last Saturday, I'm hoping when she's had us all, she'll be up for gang bang. I can't wait to help her out again.