Written by Phil & Suzie

1 May 2012

We're not sure if this will work, but I'm going to start the story, set the scene and try to explain how things started and what I believed at the time, then Suzie will take over.

For several years Suzie and I have spent our summer holidays in the south of France, always staying at naturist camp site or close to a nude or clothes optional beaches. We both enjoy the freedom of being naked, getting an all over tan, Suzie cock spotting, me very discreetly enjoying the sight of the more attractive naked women. On occasions we saw couples having sex, usually discretely in the sand dunes. The last time we went in 2009, we saw two guys fucking a woman, watched by several men, though that was an exception and we had walked a long way along the beach at dusk. We had both found that extremely arousing and had an amazing shag back at the caravan. I suggested the next day that we could have sex in the dunes and though Suzie said she was willing, when we got there she lost her nerve. She said she wanted to but was frightened that someone might see, or want to join in “Even better” I said, earning a dirty look, a thump on the arm and the accusation that I was a dirty old man, though she did give me a hand job to make up for the disappointment.

We both look forward to our two weeks in the sun, but when we started planning our 2010 holiday it became increasingly clear the cost, Ferry, tolls, petrol, camp site fees for the caravan, mostly having to be paid in Euros, with the exchange rate not much better than one Euro to the Pound, it was going to be stupidly expensive. Disappointed we decided to stay in Britain, try Devon or Cornwall. Suzie suggested searching the internet to see if there were places which allowed nude sunbathing finding out that in some places, whilst not official, it was tolerated, other places people had found which were secluded enough if you were careful. “Secluded enough for a bit of fun” I asked hopefully. “Maybe. We'll just have to see” she replied with a wink.

Suzie booked a site, based solely on its location, with only basic amenities (which meant it was inexpensive), licensed for only 5 or 6 caravans, for a holiday at the end of June, telling me there was a cove about a miles walk we could go to. We drove down to the south west, arriving late in the afternoon, set up, went out for a meal, the following day went to explore and see if we could find the cove. We eventually found it, down a narrow path which appeared little used, passing through some woods. It was small and deserted and we soon settled, mats laid out, insulated bag with drinks, stripped off, sunbathing nude. It was a nice sunny day, quiet except the sound of sea birds, the only way to reach the cove by the path. The first day we sunbathed, touched each other, I fingered her, though she seemed a little tense and she gave me a blow job, but as far as I was aware no one was about. The next day, we were both more relaxed and fucked on the beach.

Suzie was 34 at the time, she's about 5' 5”, slim with shapely toned legs, and a lovely pair of firm 34dd tits. Seeing her laid, legs slightly parted, her pussy shaved and inviting I decided to try it on, see how far she would let me go. Rolling on my side, touching her leg, moving my hand higher until I was touching her pussy was a promising start, particularly when she moved her legs apart, giving me better access to her cunt. I began to rub her slit, feeling her getting wet then slipped a couple of fingers in. She didn't stop me, gave a quiet moan, reaching for my cock and stroking it. I inserted another finger, paying plenty of attention to her clit, leaning over to suck her extremly sensitive nipples. She moaned quietly again, wanking my cock, slowly. Suddenly she stopped, sat up as if she'd heard something, looked around then with a nervous grin said “All clear I think” pushing me on to my back, straddled me and holding my prick guided it in to her soaking wet pussy. She started moving, riding my cock, we were both so turned on, we only lasted 4 or 5 minutes before we both came. Little did I how devious she'd been and what she'd planned

As Phil has explained, we almost had sex in the dunes in France after seeing a woman having sex with two men, watched by others. I couldn't tell Phil how envious of her I felt and that often when we fucked I thought of her. I regretted not going through with it, imagining being fucked in front of an audience of horny men. Not only did I want to be watched but I had the urge to let other men fuck me. I kept my thoughts to myself because I wasn't certain I was capable of being sexually uninhibited enough and didn't want to get his hopes up then fail to go through with it.

Planning the holiday I was determined to make sure that we went somewhere suitable if I decided to go ahead. I searched the internet, various locations becoming apparent. We'd met a couple on holiday, David and Jane who I'd kept in touch with. They had been to Cap d'Agde several times and told us a bit about what they did, told us the were swingers, even invited us to visit Agde but I hadn't been brave enough. I contacted Jane, we had several long conversations, after which I was more convinced than ever that I wanted to be fucked by other men, and positive that Phil would enjoy watching me. I attempted to persuade her to join us, even for a few days to give me moral, or perhaps that should be immoral, support, but they couldn't. Jane did give me lots of encouragement and sent me a list of beaches which they'd visited or had been told were suitable.

The first day on the beach, just me and Phil I felt nervous and very exposed, at the same time as being excited. I didn't say anything to Phil but suspected we were being watched and as he said I was tense. Just playing with each other and giving him a blow job, gave me the confidence boost to believe I was ready to go further. The second day, I noticed branches of the shrubs above the beach moving and the occasional sound of dirt being scuffed. I was virtually 100% certain, despite Phil not appearing to notice, that we were being observed. Again I was wanking his cock. I decided to get on top, be in control and mounted him. I had a moment of nervousness at first, ridiculously conscious that whoever was watching could see my tits. With Phils hard cock inside me though I almost forgot my nervousness. Being watched adding to my pleasure, an orgasm building more quickly than usual, my climax coursing through my body, intensified by the incredible feeling of elation, both of us climaxing more quickly than usual.

I'd done it, I knew immediately there would be no turning back. Everything sort of clicked, a sudden revelation that I would want to be watched again and convinced that I wanted sex with other men. “I did it. That was fucking awesome” I gasped, still on top of Phil. He looked at me quizzically, I smiled down at him, “We've just been watched fucking” I don't suppose they could have seen anything other than me on top, but I rectified that immediately by standing up facing where I thought they were. I could feel Phil's spunk dripping from my pussy. Still buzzing, feeling very daring I reached down, scooped some spunk onto my fingers and licked them clean, doing it three or four times, slowly and deliberately. Phil lay watching, we both heard stones rattling as they were dislodged. He asked if I could see anyone, encouraging me to push my fingers in my cunt and hold my hole open, then finger myself, both hoping that I was being watched.

My boldness was rewarded by two guys, aged about twenty, clambering down onto the beach just as I laid down. I touched my pussy, felt my clitoris, the little button hard under my fingertips, it was as if it was on a hair trigger, an instant shudder of sexual need flashed through me. I moved my hand away, if I hadn't I would certainly have cum. I propped myself up on my elbows, leaving my legs parted, wet gaping cunt exposed. I decided to go for it, strike while I was still exhilarated, and before I had a chance to change my mind. I didn't have much time, a third guy had jumped down to join the others. He looked older, nearer thirty, staring straight between my legs at my dripping pussy, from only 20 or 25 yards away as they headed our way. They looked fit, wearing just shorts, tanned torso's as if they spent a lot of time on the beach, surfers perhaps. I quickly turned to Phil, “I like the look of them. Can I let them fuck me?” I hurriedly asked. A huge grin, “Go for it” just the reply I wanted to hear.

The two younger ones looked a bit unsure, but the other guy was looking me up and down, taking in my naked body. I sat up and called over asking if they fancied a cool beer. I handed them a can each, then sat back again, letting my legs fall open again, feeling a trickle from my pussy. I looked down, a mixture of my juices and Phils spunk running from my hole still. Feeling bolder, I looked up at them, intending to invite them to remove their shorts. The eldest had beaten me to it, shorts almost down to his knees.“You can take your shorts off too if you want” I suggested to the other two, opening my legs a bit wider. To my relief and pleasure they all undressed. Three lovely cocks on display, none of them huge a nice six or seven inches, one quite thick, all semi hard. They sat on a rock next to us drinking their beers, I got an overwhelming urge to touch myself, leave them in no doubt that I wanted sex with them.

I think we'd been married about a year before I played with myself or used a sextoy while Phil watched, to shy and inhibited then. I had no such inhibitions now. I began to masturbate, in front of three total strangers. I felt no shame, no embarrassment not at all self conscious, just a feeling of exhilaration and liberation at ignoring all the normal social mores and behaving in such a debauched, unrestrained manner,wantonly displaying my cunt, performing a sex act. I became even more excited as all three of them got hard, the elder one leading the way, by starting to wank. The other two joined in stroking their erections. I closed my eyes, dipping all four of my fingers in and out of my cunt, biting my lip as I masturbated harder. I felt a hand on my thigh, touching my hand, pulling my fingers from my hole, replacing them with his. I couldn't look to see who, moved my hands to my tits, cupping them, teasing my nipples as one of them finger fucked me.

I couldn't take much of this I wanted to feel a stiff cock in my cunt, I looked over at Phil, “Can they fuck me?” his last chance to say No, though probably to late by then. He nodded and gave me a smile. I looked towards the older guy, between my legs finger fucking me, best for him to fuck me first I decided. “I want you to fuck me now” I sighed, wriggling off his fingers, turning over on all fours offering him my willing cunt. He shuffled up behind me, his cock touching my pussy. The tip entered me, followed by the shaft smoothly penetrating my love hole. He moved in and out a couple of times, his cock stretching my cunt nicely as he gave me his length. The two younger guys were either side watching, still wanking. I called them closer to my face. I stuck out my tongue, licked one then the other tasting their slightly salty pre cum. The guy fucking me had got into a steady rhythm, not to fast but nice and deep, balls banging my clit each time he entered me. Sometimes when Phil and I fuck I need to stimulate my clitoris to help me orgasm, I knew that I wouldn't need any help cumming this time. All my senses seemed heightened, every touch and sensation magnified, his cock seeming to find new erogenous zones in my cunt. I could already feel the little tingles spreading out from my pussy, the lovely fluttering sensation I get as an orgasm builds. I turned my head, taking a cock in my mouth, sucking on it greedily, head bobbing up and down as I took several inches. I turned my head the other way taking the other cock between my lips, sucking and savouring the taste, taking as much in my mouth as I could sucking him hard. I kept going as long as could, back and fore from one to the other. Taking cock in mouth and pussy simultaneously for the first time and adoring it.

The sensations, radiating from my pussy were getting to much for me to give head much longer and although I like the taste of spunk and don't mind swallowing, on this occasion I wanted their cocks in my pussy, their spunk in my cunt. My sucking was brought to an abrupt halt by a new sensation, a wet finger touching my anus then being pushed up my bum. I threw back my head and moaned with delight, pushing back against his finger. “Push another one in then fuck me hard” I felt a second finger squirm it way in next to the first. I groaned “Oh God. Yes, Yes Now Fuck me. Cum in me, give me you spunk” I cried out loudly. He rammed his cock in harder, fingers fucking my arse. “I'm Cummmmmming. Oh my fucking God. I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMING” I shouted as I felt my cunt muscles contract and spasm and he grunted, forcefully ejaculating two or three heavy spurts of spunk deep within my cunt.

I was panting almost gasping for breath it felt so incredible. I didn't want to stop fucking, “You fuck me now” I practically ordered one of the young lads, One cock and two fingers, slipped from my holes, another cock sliding into my gaping spunk sodden cunt. My hole was so slippery he slid in and out easily, fucking me slowly, then frenziedly, ramming his cock up me so hard I almost fell. He lasted perhaps two or three minutes then I felt his cock twitching in my cunt, him grunting as he came inside me. “You. Quick get your cock in me. Fuck me” I told the third lad. He entered me from behind like the previous two, His cock rock hard as he penetrated my wanton slutty cunt. His cock, fortunately much thicker than the first two, glided up me. I felt my cunt stretching to accommodate his thick cock, his girth satisfyingly filling me. He held my hips as he shafted me, ramming me steadily, taking more time than his mate. I grinned over at Phil, noticed his prick was erect again, called him over and took his prick in my mouth. What a Slut I must have looked, a cock pounding in and out of my cunt, another in my mouth practically down my throat, and I didn't care. I was loving it. I lost track of how long I was fucked by the lad and sucked Phil. Long enough for me to climax again, but all to soon, I felt my pussy taking a third load of creamy spunk, followed shortly after by Phil cumming in my mouth.

I just sank down on my front, still savouring in my mind what I'd just done. A guilty pleasure from having just been fucked by three complete strangers, not even knowing their names. I could feel their spunk pouring from my pussy, pooling on the mat between my legs. I could taste Phils spunk in my mouth and on my lips. I don't think I'd ever felt so sexually fulfilled and satisfied. How had I ever managed with just one guy fucking me and would one ever be enough in future I wondered, raising my head, looking at them hopefully, wondering how long it would be before I could get one of them hard enough to fuck me again.

The answer was about thirty minutes. All three of them fucked me twice more before they left promising to return the next day and bring a couple more friends. The holiday had started better than I had hoped, even in my wildest imagination and there were still twelve more days and I already had three new friends, Dave, Paul and Sean.

As I am sure you can all imagine, I was and still am, immensely proud of Suzie and truly appreciate having her as my wife. A whole new Suzie had been unleashed. Since the holiday she hasn't looked back, and one man is no longer enough to satisfy her insatiable appetite for sex. She has just one aim, to be fucked by as many men as possible which is one of the reasons we are writing now. She has kept a running tally of how many men have fucked her since June 2010. Last weekend she was fucked by numbers 98, 99 and 100. One hundred being the number she'd decided would qualify her as a Cock Slut. It cost me an expensive dinner out and a bottle of champagne in celebration and worth every penny.

We are unsure whether splitting the story telling between us has worked, but think it reads reasonably well. Perhaps some of you might like to comment and if you want us to continue with the remainder of the holiday, whether you'd prefer just one of us to write or both continue.

Thanks, Phil & Suzie