Written by Travis

1 Sep 2011

We were walking by the pier in Brighton, my wife and I. A man with his wife stopped as they walked past. He asked about the band shirt my wife was wearing.

He was happily telling my wife how much he liked the band. I was eyeing up his wife. I took a sideway step, his wife, Jo smiled. “Would you like some doughnuts?” I asked quietly, and pointed towards the stall on the pier. We walked off, leaving my wife and Ben chatting.

Having purchased the doughnuts we made a start on them. “Ben likes your wife.” Ben and Wendy were deep in conversation. I don’t know if they knew we had left them. They had moved closer, and sometimes his hand brushed at her t-shirt.

“Looks like it. Wendy seems very chatty. I’m Travis.” I replied.

“Jo.” She said holding out a sugar coated hand.

I took it in my sugar coated hand and kissed it. “You’re a sweet lady Jo.”

“Thank you.” I think she may have blushed, but I was not sure. “Is Ben going to get lucky?”

“I do hope so…if it means I will.” I looked at Jo.

“You are hopeful. So you swing, do you?” she asked.

“After a fashion, it’s been a long time since I have seen her play. Do you play in the same room or separate?”

“Both, you?”

“Very separate.” I told her. “I would like to see her and Ben play.”

When we returned to the chatting couple we offered them doughnuts, and I offered to buy drinks. Jo accepted for both of them. When we were in the bar, Wendy and Ben ware close.

Most of the way though the second drink I asked if they lived close. Ben said they were in a hotel for the week end. “Would you like to see it?” Jo asked.

Wendy asked me to help her with another round. Then she told me,”You can go. I love you. He’s nice, but I don’t know him. You go.”

How could I? We returned with the drinks and exchanged numbers and e-mail. I am still hoping that Wendy want to meet them again. May be at a concert.