Written by Pete

30 Oct 2012

I have read many stories on here and enjoyed them all, I have for some time tried to write an event of my own, but somehow it just doesn’t end up being as good, so please excuse the quality, as I am just going to go for it.

I am Pete, been Married to Susie for 8 years, I am 39 Susie is 37.

Susie is approx 5’8”, black hair, green eyes, trim, not skinny but then not podgy either, and she sports a pair of 34dd breasts.

Over the years we have tried a few things, the usual outdoor stuff, discreet public playing, you know the risk of being caught without actually being caught, we had discussed dogging too.

Anyway I digress, Susie and I had decided to go swimming one evening, so about 6pm off we went to the local Leisure centre, I had a pair of sensible swimming shorts, (not your Budgie smuggler guy) Susie had a red one piece, I have always thought she looked better in this than a bikini, anyway the pool was fairly busy with a mixture of Adult and families, after about half an hour the pool thinned out a bit, I think everyone had waited for the wave machine, a short spell after that Susie had noticed a Black guy who appeared to be there on his own and was using the diving facilities, well I hadn’t really noticed but Susie had, the cut of his swimwear would suggest he was quite well endowed, Susie made several references to it over the next 15 mins or so, in the end I had got a little annoyed and said why don’t you go find out how big then? Without another word, she simply detached herself and swam over and started to strike up a conversation, I discreetly watched for a while, and Susie was enjoying his attention but he kept looking across so knew she wasn’t alone, I got bored after a few mins so went and got changed, then went for a coffee, after about another 15 mins I wandered out onto the viewing area, huh!! No sign of Susie or her new friend, so I went back for another coffee, finished that still no sign, so I rang her mobile, no answer, another ten mins went by, I thought I would go and get my lap top out the car and run through my emails, just as I got to the car my phone went, txt message from Susie “where are you”? well at the car now I replied “we really need to talk am on my way down” she arrived and the expression on her face would suggest she was very nervous, just drive somewhere she said so I drove down to the country park a short distance away and parked up.

Right she said well you said I should find out, and did you I asked, yes she replied, when you got out I thought I should too, and so did Tony, whe we got to the changing area he invited me into one of the larger family rooms, he kissed me, it was like I was mesmerised I couldn’t resist, he peeled the top of my swimsuit down and played with my breasts, I pulled his shorts down, and it was big, in fact to me it seemed massive and he turned me round and pulled my swimsuit all the way down,…….Pete I am sorry but he fucked me with his huge cock, he went in so hard that it made me squeal,

I was quiet for a while then asked where he had cum? She said over my bum and up my back, so what happens now I asked, well she said I have his number but he is here on business goes back tomorrow to Scotland.

Going to contact him I asked? Only if you say it is ok.

Maybe you should do it again only I want to be in the next cubicle so I can listen to you squeal, we can talk about that said Susie only I would rather this be a o