Written by lucky cuckold husband

6 Feb 2010

My wife and i have been swinging for about 10 years and we have been to many private house parties, hosted sex parties and visited many clubs over the years. My wife has had sex with many men, sometimes two or three at the same time and has had as many as 10 men fuck her in one evening at one party some time ago.

She is in her 50's but remains a size 10 with 36D tits and blonde hair that attracts man all the time. Outside sex she is an upper market lady who dresses very soberly and drives her own Mercedes. At sex parties she dresses classically with stockings and suspenders, no bra - sometime G string (she likes men to pull it to one side when they fuck her) - a top that is either see through or low cut to show off her tits and a short black skirt. Despite her age young man queue up to fuck her at sex events.

At one club we visited in Amsterdam recently she was fucked by three men together and then two man together a little later - I just watched and wanked in the corner while she was fucked and sucked off the men. At this club she arrives in normal clothes and the changes into hold up stockings a see-through top that comes to her knees and nothing else - her cunt and tits are thus on view the whole time we are there, whether we are dancing, having a drink or eating in the club.

When we move over to the playrooms men follow and she picks who she wants, I lock the door and open the curtains so the unlucky men can at least watch her fucking men. Most of the time she picks two men and is is spitroasted until both men have cum in her or on her tits.

After such a session on the second night we visited we were sitting at the bar and a young local man came up to her and chatted to both of us, asking if she was interested in having sex with him. She told him to wait as she wanted to eat so we continued to have our snack and the man did the same next to her with me on the other side. After the meal they chatted and he moved around to the back of her and massaged he back and then put his arms around her to feel her tits. As neither of us objected to his advances he stood to one side and put his hand up her "top" to feel her cunt while she was sitting. She opened her legs at the bar to let him feel her and she put her hand down his shorts the only thing he was wearing) and smiled broadly when she found his cock was about 10". They stayed at the bar gently wanking each other and then she said it was time they had sex. We all went to the playroom and they got on the bed snogging whilst I opened the curtains to let the men outside watch and wank. I sat in the corner and wanked off.

She got down on his cock and tried to suck as much as she could while he sucked her cunt and then she lay on her back, opened her legs wide and invited him to fuck her missionary style which he did - she was so wet and has had so many cocks in her that she easily accommodated him. He fucked her really hard and she closed her legs around his back locking his cock in her. I looked between his legs and saw his cock going right up my wife's cunt and heard her cooing and saying it was lovely. After about five minutes he came up her cunt - it was lovely to see her pulsating as his spunk went up her. She locked him with her legs after hae had finished and she snogged him for another five minutes before they got up and redressed - more than one man outside also shot spunk just watching her.

We went back to the bar with them holding hands. He sat with her for most of the tie after that often kissing her and she kissing him and then announced that they were going for another session on their own. I stayed at the bar while she went off to a private room with him. She told me she sucked him for ages before he dogged her and shot spunk up her again.

We are going to the club again in the next three weeks and they have kept in touch so that she can meet him the club - he will fuck her twice again although other men will also fuck her. She has asked him that if he sees another man with a cock as big as his to attend on the night so she can have a really good fuck with both of them at the same time. We have also agreed that she will go off with them on her own but that I can watch outside with the other men. When she is being spitroasted by men with normal sized cocks I will be in the room watching. She is also going to wear a PVC outfit she has - this is topless - so for the whole evening she will have her tits out and she says that after her first fuck she is probably not going to wear a G string either. As the PVC top does not cover her cunt she is hoping to have the courage to spend a lot of the time virtually naked in the club so everone can see what is on offer. She also said she wants to do a "happy half-hour" - anyone who asks her for sex will be accommodated in that half hour - she says she will feel like a real tart in a city known for tarts. If all goes well on the first night I am hoping to introduce new themes for the second night and persuade her if she wants a second "happy half hour" she should go to an unlocked playroom go on all fours so her cunt is facing the door and just let anyone who passes fuck her doggy fashion and see how many men she can help cum in 30 minutes...we will see, she may not be ready for that just yet. If anyone is going to Amsterdam in the next few weeks and wants to fuck her there just let us know.