Written by Al

11 Jul 2009

I recently introduced my 36 year old wife Tina to dogging (dogging delight)and we both had the pleasure of Tina enjoying a stranger's cock. We discussed repeating this adventour however when we went back to Cannock Chase it was rather busy with several cars. We both felt a little intimidated so we returned home disapointed.

After some research we found a swingers club nearby in Darlaston. We visted it for the first time a few weeks ago on a Friday. After a guided tour with a few other newbies we changed into towels. Just watching my wife take off her clothes in front of another two couples and two single men was a real turn on. One guy with tattoos made little effort in concealing the fact that he was watching my wife's naked breasts before she wrapped the towel around her.

We then retreated to an alcove in the bar, where we enjoyed a few beers we had bought with us to lighten our nerves. The bar was quite busy with a few couples chatting and several single guys wandering around, awaiting an opportunity no doubt. A few girls had their towels around their waists casually revealing their breasts, while one girl was unashamedly walking around naked her shaven pussy on full display.

This erotic scene soon had Tina relaxing. I eased open the towel and cupped her 36C tits. Just the though of other men (and women) looking over and seeing my wife's breasts had my heart racing (and cock aching). As I began easing a finger into her pussy Tina gently wanked my cock to its full 6 inches. She moved over across the seat so she could suck my cock. It was almost surreal as I had a blow job in a bar with several people glancing over. I couldn't take this much longer wothout shooting my lot so I suggested we have a wander around.

Our walk took us past several rooms with full orgies taking place. Ecstatic groans drifted from the rooms as hands explored every where. Our amble took us to a room with a sling mounted on the ceiling. Tina said she fancied being strapped in and getting a thorough licking, well being a gent who was I to refuse. She eased herself in and I set to work licking her naked pussy and fingering her, whilst occasionally teasing her clit. Tina was soo groaning with pleasure and begging for a fuck. By this time several men were just inside the room whatching the erotic scene of my naked postrate wife about to take my cock. I eased up her gliding into her pussy with ease. It took a little getting use to the swaying but once I found the rythme it was fantastic. A guy wandered over while wanking an impressive 8 inch cock. He politely enquired if he could touch my wifes swaying tits. Tina was past caring so I gave him the go ahead. He helped himself flicking her hard nipples as she swung past him. As I slowed down he took the opportunity to suck her nipple, teasing it gently between his lips. I could harldy believe a guy who we didnt even know his name was busy sucking Tina's right tit while feeling her left and occasionally rubbing his cock accross her. Tina told me in no uncertain terms to fuck her harder, so I increased my speed as she approached her orgasm. Tina looked over to her right to enjoy a girl getting a spit roast on the mattress. This sent her over the edge and she came with a tremendous scream of ecstacy. At this point the guy wanking over her aimed his cock at her tits and spurted his load off. As Tina rubbed each spurt into her tits it was too much for me. I pulled out and shot my load over her pussy and stomach. The guy (who never did give his name) thanked us and moved off.

Tina and I then wandered over to the jacuzzi. There were two jacuzzis one full of several couples and the other with around for men and a couple. We stripped off our towels and liberated we entered the warm water, moving to a space next to the other couple at the far end. We relaxed for a while just feeling easch other and kissing, taking in the scene. The girl next who looked in her mid 40's started to chat to Tina. She told us they were regulars and had visited several clubs. Marie began kissing Tina and feeling her body, before encouraging Tina onto the side, where the woman licked her pussy. I looked on the scene before me with her partner Chris as we both wanked over our wives getting it on. Tina enjoyed her first taste of pussy as she returned the compliment and I managed to cup and suck on Marie's gorgous tits before the couple had to leave.

After a while we noticed a man at the far end paying close attention to my wife. Tina kissed me and whispered in my ear how much she fancied him. She then uttered the faithful words "can I fuck him?" I never had the opportunity to answer her before she met him in the middle of the pool. I watched mesmerised with several other men as they began talking and almost immediately kissing. I was a little stunned as she rose up slighly and then obviously eased herself onto this man's cock. She later told me they had only introduced themselves to each other as they were fucking. Ray (name changed) brought Tina over to my side where he turned her round and continued to fuck my wife doggy style. He held her tits in the water as she placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself. god he's so big she murmured as he kept up a steady pace.

Tina had Ray pull out as she turned and kissed him and then told him to sit on the side. He had a good 9 inches which she wasted no time in tasting. I took the opportunity to fuck her with my smaller cock (Tina knew it was my fantasy to see her spit roasted). Again I couldn't hold back and came into her pussy. Tina laughed and asked if she was too much for me to handle. She took Ray by cock and and walked out of the jacuzzi leaving me where I was. As she passed a big black guy she took him by the cock too and both of them escorted my wanton wife away from me. Tina turned to me and said wait there while a couple of men give your wife the pleasure she deserves. I sat there as she disapeared my mind racing. After 30 long minutes of humiliation I went to look for her. I eventually gave up and wandered back to the bar.

It was a whole hour later that the men returned my wife. She had a far away look in her eye and no towel, displaying her used body for all to see. Much to my humiliation and if I'm honest pleasure her tits had several love bites on them as well as dried spunk. Her pussy was also leaking cum down her leg. I went to kiss her and she turned away kissing both Ray and David passionately before announcing they had fucked her well and she wouldn't need anything off me for the rest of the night. We returned home where I managed to wank over my wifes arse for the unprecedented third time before falling to sleep.