5 Dec 2017

I have written about H before and here is another part of the time I spent in her company. H has a personality disorder and quite needy and reckless as part of this. Moving on , we had met many times and she was a bareback lover and enjoyed the thrill of a creamy cunt...... I understood this more when she revealed her personality disorder as that was part of her risky behaviour as a consequence of her problem but then this also reflected her needy trait as she obviously wanted me to want her and also have a part of me...my spunk...with her

We had met during the week and fucked in many places, inside and outside as well as in my campervan but she couldn't meet at weekends. Now she had been fairly evasive as to why and I put it down to the illness and or she had another fella. I never pressed her much on it as I really had "sex on tap" when I wanted her..... One Thursday she said "M, can you give me a lift to work tomorrow?"... I said "yes of course, what time?" ....then followed with "I didn't know you worked"...... H then revealed that she worked on Friday and Saturday nights at a Swingers Club nearby.

On the Friday I picked her up and we went on our way.... she had leggings and a t shirt on.... obvious to me no bra.. and she told me more of what she did at the club, from cleaning, helping with food and on reception desk.

Then she said...oh it's ladies night tonight and her friend was going.... now I had seen photos of this friend S, she was a really sexy woman and H said "She is Bi like me"...... I wasn't shocked at that at all I said "great fun"....

About 5 miles from the club H said "pull over"....so I stopped the camper in a pull in by a farm field...... "In the back" she said "I want some cock"..... well that was a done deal...... we got in the back I lifted H's top and got a face full of bouncy boobs and gave the nipples a quick suck..... H said "Lick me"....I tugged her leggings down and she had no knickers on and had shaved her cunt fresh for the Bi ladies night..... I lapped and fingered her pussy and she panted and her breathing was heavy "your gonna make me cum" she said ....and promptly squirted over my fingers and face......yummy........ H said..." cock....I want your cock" and then sucked me until ready to shoot..... I said I'm going to cum....H stopped sucking and said "fuck me....spunk up me good".... I opened her legs and fucked her for barely 2 minutes as I was so turned on....and emptied the contents of my balls inside her..... H got up and pulled her leggings up and wanted some tissue for her cunt..... instead of wiping it...she used it to block the spunk coming out..... I said "what are you up to?".... she said I'm saving this for S later on...... We drove to the club and she went in..... H told me about the Bi night later and how S loved eating out the traces of my spunk from her cunt...... we did meet with S another time at the club in a playroom.... now that's another story for another day