Written by Annabelle

26 Jan 2016

I had been found out, caught with my knickers down, so to speak. My husband had come home hours earlier than expected, he had seen a man , my lover , leaving our house. He had let himself into the house quietly and caught me still naked, with dry cum still on my breasts. It was useless to deny , so I tried to explain. He asked how long it had been going on, that I could answer honestly, only about two weeks. My affairs never last more than a month. He asked had there been others, I lied and said only a couple. In fact I had never been faithful, even when we were newly engaged. He asked why, i could answer honestly, I have a need to feel desired. It is not about the sex , the pleasure is in knowing that the man wants me. I never have sex on a first date, I enjoy the anticipation. As soon as I start having sex with a new lover I lose interest in him and start looking for another. Never more than one on the go at once, but usually at least one in waiting.

My husband could not understand , he thought it was only about sex. He could not live with it, and I could not live without it.

So we separated, divorced, and started new lives.

For me it was easy, I was well versed in selecting interesting and attractive new partners on the website. Now that I was free I could improve my image and change my photos. A new hair-do , trimmed pubic hair, a daring tattoo in an intimate place, more revealing close-ups. The number of contacts increased, as if the men sensed my greater availability.

When I was married I had a normal sex life, normal for a couple who had been together 30 years. Plus my lover of the moment. It did not seem excessive , now free and single, to have two lovers . In fact I was so aroused by the number of men who were making contact , making me feel ever more desired , my aphrodisiac. Two became three. I was juggling days and times , trying to break off with the longest serving, getting bored with the second, enjoying the novelty of the newest , and lining up the next. My only regret was that it was all and always safe sex. I have always enjoyed the feeling of cum oozing out of my pussy , sometimes sliding down my leg.

It excites me , wondering how the new man will take me, will he be gentle or rough, how far he will go. Each man is different , size is not a major criteria. As long as he can make me feel desired, desirable, sexy , beautiful, I will enjoy it. I like to be licked by a man who likes the taste of my juices, and made love to , not fucked. Intimacy is a vital ingredient.

I was on the website , looking at the new members, to my surprise I found a profile of my ex husband . Hard to believe that he, who could not accept that I needed excitement , should be there looking for no strings sex . If he found my profile he would never guess it was me , not since I had made changes.

The next day there was a message from him, as well as from others. I answered those who might interest me, including my ex. Over the next days I exchanged several messages with my ex , his messages becoming increasingly direct. I decided to put him to the test. I wrote that I was a lady who did not do monogamy, I had lots of lovers, I preferred repeat visits and not to do one night stands, I did not do groups or kinky , if he wanted to bed me it was in full knowledge that he was one of many. His reply was yes , and could we meet.

I had always loved my ex , in my own way. Love and sex are not the same thing. Loving one man does not mean you cannot enjoy sex with another.

I proposed a time and place for a meeting. I got there early and found a place where I could hide myself and wait for him to arrive. He was punctual. From my vantage point I could see him, he looked good, had lost weight and was better dressed than previously. He was stunned when I joined him, a mix of embarrassment and shock.

I told him he was looking good, made a joke of it , certainly no embarrassment on my part. I said we are both adults, both single, both free . He asked what I had thought when I saw his profile. I answered honestly, it had made me think back to when I first met him, how he had made me feel more desired than any other man ever had. It had made me remember the feeling of security I always got when he had made love to me, and how much I liked the smell of his cum.

There was an instant understanding, I led him to where my car was parked, I drove us back to my new home. There was a scramble to get undressed , an urgency to touch each other. His fingers found my opening and eased in, immediately bringing me to orgasm. His tongue found my clit, then licked slowly from my anus up to my belly. He had never done that before. He lapped at my slit, sucked on my nipples, inserted his bunched fingers into my vagina, teased and played me up to another orgasm. He went to get a condom from his pocket, I told him no, there is no need, I want your cum inside me. He slid in to me, eagerly yet gently, my legs separated to allow him to go as deep as he could. Then he found his rhythm, that wonderful rhythm that I knew so well. Yet it was different, the same old feeling of security but now mixed with a lust and excitement. I was in a stage of multiple orgasms, a wave of irresistible climaxes , that I wanted to keep going. I could feel myself going wild, almost violently fucking the man who was fucking me. Both of us seemed to explode at the same moment, I could feel his cock pumping his cum into me. That was what I had wanted, and what I had missed. Warm cum oozing out of my vagina, his fingers playing in it, spreading it over my swollen clit. Softly and sensuously persuading me to a final gentle, comforting, orgasm.

After a period of quiet, not even cuddling, came the moment to decide what next . Is it time to get up and go, or to start again, or to snooze. He lifted himself up on one arm, gently kissed me, and asked ' what do we do now ? ' . I knew what I wanted. I replied, we are lovers, let's do what lovers do. Let's fuck.

As he rolled onto me and slid his new erection in me he whispered in my ear ' right answer '.

I don't think I will be trying to get shot of him anytime soon.