Written by Joan at the races

5 May 2011

We’d arranged to meet another couple and spend the day at the races and then go back to the hotel for an evening of sex. We’d been with this couple once before and knew we all got on quite well which is why we decided on the races.

I wore a dress. It was just a little shorter than knee length and tight fitting so I was confident that the wind wouldn’t affect it so I was happy to go without underwear. The slight chill in the air if we were out of the sun caused a few nipple issues but I’ve got good boobs and considering what we were there for I didn’t see it too much of a problem. Kate, from the other couple, has fantastic legs was wearing a short tight dress and looked amazing.

Pretty much the whole day was spent flirting, talking dirty and getting ourselves worked up for the main event that evening. Simon (from the other couple) loved it that I was commando under my dress and the lads ended up talking Kate in to taking hers off. With her dress being short, it was quite an effort for her to maintain her modesty and I personally saw a good few flashes as the day went on and I wasn’t really looking. We all tried to get her to take her bra off but she’s got bigger boobs than me and was less keen on that. In the end, it was me that convinced her it was a good idea so she took it off but insisted she kept her jacket on.

The races were fine but the bars in Chester were dead and totally crap so we were back at the Crown Plaza before 7. We didn’t even bother having a drink in the bar and went up to the room.

We were all randy as hell and we all knew what the score was so there was very little to talk about and within a few minutes I had Simon standing behind me kissing my neck with his hands on my hips. He was soon rubbing me through the fabric of my dress and squeezing my boobs. I love conversation with sex and Simon is a master at it. He was telling me how much he liked braless women and how much he was turned on by the lack of VPL and the knowledge I wasn’t wearing knickers. I had my hands behind my back and was fondling is dick trough his trousers.

As we carried on with our talking and touching, I noticed that the other two we already on the bed. Kate was on her back, still fully dressed with her high heeled shoes kicking in the air with my Graham tonguing her to an orgasm. Me and Simon both watched as Graham stood up to undo his trousers, leaving Kate on the bed with her legs open and her dress up round her waist. I was really turned on by the view of Kate’s perfectly shaven fanny. It was wet and glistening and her lips were wonderfully swollen and open. Seconds later Graham was on top of her and banging her good and hard.

I told Simon to get undressed and lie on the bed. He did so and I wriggled my tight dress up over my hips until it was up round my waist. I climbed on the bed and straddled him. I had some play gel and applied some to his dick before I grabbed it and guided it to the right place. He was balls deep in me on the fist stroke and it felt fantastic. He held my hips and pulled me down on to him as I fucked myself as hard as I could on to his meat. I could feel my braless tits bouncing under my dress as I pounded myself on to him.

Right next to me, on the same bed I could see my husband fucking Kate. By the sounds she was making I gathered she was doing well with her orgasm and seemed to be having a good time with my husband’s dick inside her.

We were all very worked up and unfortunately I was just at the start of my first orgasm when it became apparent that Simon has off loaded in to me. Luckily he remained hard enough for me to be able to wriggle myself to completion.

Kate and my fella got off the bed and went to open some wine. I lifted myself off Simon and lay on my back on the bed next to him. My dress was still up round my waist I raised my knees and allowed my legs to fall open. With Simon watching I frigged myself to another orgasm. The other two came over with the wine and watched me for the final couple of minutes as I came by my own handy work.

We drank some wine, chatted as we waited for the men to recover and resumed our sex session. In total, I was fucked 5 times throughout the night and can hardly wait for the next time.