Written by Sue&Dave

30 Dec 2008

This is an account of our visit to our first swinging club in Manchester. I have always liked the idea of my wife going with other men but she always laughed it off and nothing was done about it. Last sat night we went into Manchester for a night out and about 10-30pm I asked my wife Sue, if she wanted to go to a club. Sue is 38 and I'm 40. SHe is 5 foot 2 inch, blonde and blue eyes and is a petite size 12.

We entered the club, with my wife unsure were we were going. We got a drink and looked around, before Sue started to realize were we were. In the downstairs room we ventured and an amazing sight was in front of us. A women in her 40's was in a swing, naked except for boots and about 10 guys were stood around wanking while she sucked cock and got fucked in the swing. Sue looked mesmirized and we stood and watched this amaxing woment taking cock after cock. I slipped my hand into Sues pants and couldn't believe how wet she was. We watched and I fingered Sue to an orgasm before she started to give me a blow job as I watched. In the darkness I noticed we were attracting an audience and two guys cocks appeared at Sues head height. I shot my loads into Sues mouth and watched as she turned and started to blow the nearest cock whilst wanking another one. Both guys came in less than 5 minutes before Sue stood up and I undressed her. She then turned to a sofa and got down on her knees in her favourite doggy position. Immediately a guy approached and I made sure he had a condon on before he entered her and started to fuck Sue. Sue was moaning and pushing back into the cock and soon the guy came and pulled out to be followed by aother guy. In total 4 guys fucked Sue and she came twice. After this she was sore and got dressed.

In the morning I fucked her and her pussy was still wide from the cocks she got the night before. We now plan to advertise on here for a gangbang for Sue with some well hung guys.