Written by Willy

26 Nov 2014

Just a quick follow up of part 2 the sexy blonde said she would text me that night to make another date but sadly I got no text so I had a sexy night with the wife instead telling her what happened on the meet I had she laughed when I told her about the micro lite haha.

We had a nice slow session taking our time as I know she liked to be eaten before she took a cock inside her pussy and I must say my then wife was and still is a sexy woman,anyway the next day in work I got a text from who I thought was the sexy blonde but it turned out to be her husband asking if we fancied a club visit next weekend in Lancashire so a bit shocked I said I'd ask the wife first to make sure and I'd text him later he agreed to as he had to see his wife to so anyway I called the wife who said that was ok and go for it,I text him a couple of hours later only to get a text back saying what meet ? I asked if I could ring and was told yes so I rang.

I was shocked when the sexy blonde answered in a sexy voice I said it's me Wily and she just said I was taking a chance ringing her I then told her her husband wanted to meet which she whispered yes please but I'll wait till he asks me ok.

It was then she apologized for not sending me a text as when she got home after our meet she heard him in the kitchen so she slipped upstairs and got in the shower before he found her with all our juices on her body,she said she heard the bathroom door open before the shower curtain was pulled back and there stood her naked husband with a smile and his cock hard for her,she had shampoo on her hair so she could not do much as he began to feel her up commenting on how her nipples where like rocks as he groped her from behind saying he'd been horny all day thinking about there sexy weekend meet.

She never told him about her getting a second taste of me so she just got horny thinking about it and turned around while rinsing of her body,she said his eyes where glazed as he looked at his sexy wife standing naked before him she said he was slobbering as he bent down to kiss her straight away his hands found her tits and pushed her against the wall as his fingers found her pussy lips forcing his fingers inside.

She knew he was turned on by how rough he was finger fucking her cunt hard talking dirty to her asking her did she like my cock and did she like getting her pussy eaten by another woman she admitted she was so turned on she turned the tables gripped his cock hard and wanked him as she slowly dropped to her knee's taking his hard cock into her mouth and rammed her mouth over it till it touched her throat and gave him a blow job he would not forget.

She looked up at him as she sucked him then asked him what he wanted her to do did he want her to have meets with Bi couples as he was Bi himself so she could have more pussy fun and he could get the cocks he craved as he watched her getting laid he groaned she said meaning yes she pulled hard on his cock gripping his balls as he shot his load over her he kissed her roughly she said pushing her against the wall leaning into her tonguing her mouth getting the taste of his cock from her turning him on even more she said she felt his hand slide over her mound till his fingers slid over her clit and into her juiced up cunt he then commented how wet and loose her cunt felt as he pushed all his fingers inside her she told him he'd turned her on by talking about her getting fucked again yes he said yes do it with that she opened her legs more as his cock pushed between her pussy lips and began to slide into her cunt she said she took his cock still standing up before she told him to fuck her on the stairs as she wanted a risky session as people could see inside from the street and it turned her on.

He lead her to the stairs sat her on the top stair put her legs over his shoulders and rammed into her making her scream for him to fuck her hard it was then he panted how he watched her take my cock and he wanted her to take more cocks she hissed back at him a long yesss she said as he pounded into her,she knew he knew she was getting other cock as he said to her it was ok as long as she would play with him with bi couples at which she said a yesss now fuck me harder you bastard at this he whimpered she said and shot his load deep inside her pussy.

I was taken back as I did not know he was bi but hey I told her lets enjoy it she we did and still are doing she went on to tell me more of her sexy fun she's had and I bet she still gets it now as many a time we have exchanged what happened when we have our sexy meets so when I get time I let you know ok.

By the way just come back of holiday where we enjoyed quit a bit of sexy times in the sand dunes...