Written by Graham

7 Jan 2014

So here we are expecting a almost stranger to arrive at our house with in an hour

A little about us first we have been married some fifteen years now five years ago I had a illness witch has left me with a erectile distinction problem my wife Mandy was thirty six at the time and I was twelve yours older, we where told my situation would or could improve in time which it has done to a limited extent

To start with Mandy took the situation very well, it didn't take me long to realist she was missing sex, we did have a good sex life before this happened after a year it was coursing tension between us

It was me in the end suggested it maybe a idea if she thought about looking some where ales to look after her needs, at first I got I couldn't do that never but what it did do

it get us talking, and after a time I think she could see my point and I did love her

She was not at all sure it was the way to go, it was very obvious her frustration was building up and there was very little I could do, it reacted a point where we talked surely about it, I could then see she need my reassures and she may consider it but it still wasn't as easy as that there was a question of who when and how I encouraged her to go out more with her friends, which she did there didn't seem to be any thing coming from that,Till she went out with jest one friend I was a little surprised she did lets say in the past Mandy had said this Sue had very little morals she was divorced and known for playing around especially with married men, her other friend seem to look down on Sue

When she went out with the other girls it would maybe a drink and a meal, Sue's idea of a night out was a pub and then a club

The first night Mandy got home after one o'clock nearly two, I asked if she had a good time it was obvious she had, she said it was grate she been dancing and got chatted up by a few blokes, she was a bit tipsy as well

It became quite a regular thing, I am sure when she told me she was only dancing and there be blokes coming on to her chatting her up but she stopped at that

The change came when Sue started going with a guy, Mandy told me all about it the bloke was married and he was very dishy as she put it

It seemed Sue started fucking him, so where did it leave Mandy, at first she wasn't going out so much but what she didn't say was Sue arranged for one of the guys friend to meet them both, that lead on to the four of them going back to Sue's flat, Mandy said she didn't want to but it would of meant she been stuck in town alone and she didn't like that idea

That night I knew something different had happened when she got home Mandy was flushed

I asked if she need to tell me any thing, she was a bit embarrassed I think but said what they did in as far as going to Sue#s flat and as she put it things got out of hand and she didn't mean to let him, they where doing some snogging he had a feel but what got her going was Sue had gone to the bedroom with her guy and she could hear they where having sex and that made her really horny

The bloke she was with was getting carried away he pulled his trousers down and got him self out, I asked the question was he bigger than me she hesitated before saying I think so but wouldn't say any more about, she said she thought she give him a wank and that be fine, she played with him and was doing that, Mandy said I so sorry but I let him and sobbed I didn't mean to it jest happened, she was really upset

I didn't push it an more, it took a day before she admitted she enjoyed it and he made her climax and all the time she was saying she never do it again , it took some convincing to tell her I wanted her to we had a long talk about in the end she seem happy I was okay with what had happened, that was the start of a ten week affair she was seeing him one or twice a week I could see a huge change in her once she could see I was alright with her doing it, he was married and it came to an end that upset Mandy a bit about three months later she told me a guy where she worked was coming on to her, I told her well if she fancied him go for it he fucked her jest the once, the thing that did was give her confidants she need to do that in the next year she had two more affairs, the thing was there a couple of whispers abut this a roamer or two which put both of off very much so Mandy was and still in need of the extra sex I am not given her

So that has taken us today where are now we used the Internet to find this guy and this will our first time doing this