Written by Janet

13 Apr 2010


I wanted to share the following which happened on Saturday night. My fiancee and I were attending a do at a friends place. Anyway my guy Steve got totally shitfaced early on and had to be helped to go and lie down to sleep it off.

Two other guys were helping us to get him sorted out and they were both kind of good looking and made sure my wine glass was topped up and were very chatty all night.

The house was a big pile and one of them Ted was his name offered to show me around, the other guy George went to get us refills so Ted led me around the place before taking my arm and gently pulling me into a room where he said the view outside was good.

There was a big window and yes it had a fantastic view of the woods behind, I said nice to look at and he said that's not the only thing that looks good tonight, I felt his hand go down to my bum and give me a squeeze through my thin dress.

I gasped and he pulled me towards him,I felt his mouth on mine and I soon had his toungue in my mouth which I sucked on. His hands were stroking all over me and he began to undo my button through dress.

Once he had all the buttons undone he ran his hands over my body starting with my thighs up over the tops of my dark stockings and into my tiny lace panties, his finger tips teased my clitty and I could barely stand any more.

Just then the door opened and George the secong guy came in with the drinks. He looked at me stood there with my dress open in my bra, panties,shoes, stockings and suspenders being kissed and touched all over by this other man.

George put the drinks down and came over, he took my arm and led me over to a large Chaisse Long in the corner. He turned me around and knelt me down on the velvet covered sofa.

He unzipped his pants and got his penis out, it was big and stiff, he started to stroke the backs of my legs up over my stocking tops with the end of his dick, he said to his mate hey Ted come and give her a feel, Ted ran his hand over my thighs and into my panties, they both started talking rude to me telling me what a dirty little bitch I was.

I was loving them feeling my pussy and started to cry out with pleasure, George then almost ripped my bra off to get at my boobs, it seemed like a million hands were stroking my nipples and the Teds mouth went down to suck them.

I heard George say I think she's ready and I pushed my hips back when I felt his penis against my pussy lips. He entered me easily as I was so wet and aroused and the feeling was unbelievable as he started to fuck me.

Ted was watching and he undid himself and offered his erection to my lips, I opened my mouth and sucked on the end. They both talked dirty to me telling me what a slut I was letting them strip me down to my stockings and shoes and letting them fuck me while sucking the other guy off.

This just made my hotter and I started to come when I felt George getting faster, the dirty bastard pulled out as he ejaculated and shot his semen all over the backs of my stocking tops and thighs, Ted held my head up so he could let his load hit my face, I came with a fantastic orgasm while licking his spunk off my lips.

We finished up our drinks and I got tidied up. They said thy would like to take me out and show me a place where men like to watch horny ladies like me get shagged by other blokes. I said I may be interested.

I'll let you know.