Written by dirty denise

12 Feb 2013

Just arrived back from a week in Tunisia with the hubby. I am Denise 49, lovely 36c titties and long legs. My hubby loves them, especially when I have a short skirt on with tights or hold ups on. I love to flash my legs off to other men and it makes him horny.

It was cloudy one day and we were sat in the reception area playing draughts, when one of the animation team came over and said he would play the winner. He was about 20, tall,slim and a good looking young lad. I beat hubby so Dali sat opposite me and set up the board. I had a vest on, so my tits were a bit on show also I had on a denim skirt. With the seats being low down he would have been able to see up my skirt. I caught him a few times looking at me, I was getting turned and opened my legs a bit more so he could see my panties. It was having a good effect on him as I could see his erection in his tracksuit pants. After what seemed like a long time I beat him, he got up and came over to me and kissed me on both cheeks and thanked me for the game, his cock was still a bit on the hard side as he left the table.

That night when I was getting ready ,hubby asked if I was turned on by Dali, I told him I was but why would a 20yr old want to mess about with me when there are loads of young girls about. I got dressed in my leather mini, flesh tights and a low cut blouse. We had our meal then watched the show , after which the disco started.

Hubby is not much of a dancer so when Dali came over I jumped at the chance to dance with him. He was very touchy feely, and took every chance to pull in to me. I could feel my juices start to boil in my tights. The next song was a slow one, he pulled me in close to him and I could feel his hard cock pushing in to me. Did I do this to him??? After the dance I was quite warm and suggested we go outside for some air. We walked past the pool and stopped at the sun beds and sat down. He put his arm around me and leaned in for a kiss, his lips touched mine and I opened my mouth and straight away his tongue was deep in my mouth. I pushed mine in to his mouth. he was a horny kisser. Then his free hand found my brest and started to knead it, finding the nipple through the thin material he squeezed it gently. I lowered my hand to his pants and found a huge erection, I opened his zip and slid it out. It was long but thin with a lovely round head . I leant over and took it in my mouth, I took the head of it deep in to my mouth and sucked on it. His hand was now on my head pushing it in as far as it would go, his hips were moving up and down, fucking my mouth then all of a sudden his cock erupted in my mouth and he squirted about 4 lots of come deep in to my mouth.I swallowed as much as I could the rest leaked on to my boobs.

I thought that was it but he pushed me back on to the sun bed and pushed my skirt up and rubbed my pussy through my soaking tights. He was pushing my tights in to me, trying to finger me through them. Then the tights gave way and one of his fingers broke through the clad and went deep in to me. His long finger went deep in to me and fetched me to my first orgasm,he carried on fingering me and fetched me off again.

I was in need of a cock now and I had noticed he had got hard again. So I stretched forward and grabbed his cock and pulled him on to me and told him "I want you to fuck me hard and shoot all your come deep in to me, it will be fine" He got between my legs and put the tip of his cock at the enterance of my pussy and slowly pushed his long thin cock in to me. It made its way all the way up me it felt superb. Then he with drew it a bit and pushed it back in. He did this for about 5 minutes fetching me off two more times, then I told him "come for me, shoot it up me, fire it deep in me, come on, come for me" He speeded up and shot his load, about 3 squirts deep in to my stomach, I could feel it shooting in to me.He kissed me and pulled his limp cock out of me.

We straightened our selves up and went back to the disco, I could feel his come leaking out of me. I went back over to hubby and asked him if he was ready to go up to the room, but he said "I want some supper" I said to him " I got it for you now come on before it goes cold"

Thats another story.............