Written by Chunkyandspunky

22 Apr 2010

Thanks for the advice guys, I haven`t said anything yet as per some of your suggestions I just thought I`d let you know what followed on last evening.

I put the kettle on and waited, I knew they would need time to straighten theirselves out and my wife would need to dry her pussy, my head was buzzing but my dick was also throbing, how strange ,is it normal to feel this way after what I had just seen, is it weird or even a bit kinky.

After a few minutes she came into the kitchen, "He`s just finishing up" she said "you Ok"

"Yeah fine" I answered, what should I do next, I think I would like this to continue but I`m not sure how it works.

Her face was little flushed but she was acting quite normal, the thought runs though my head that she may have done this before and I feel myself getting harder.

"All done" came a shout from the hallway, "You go and sort him out luv and I`ll pour the tea" I said. I didn`t think I was up to facing someone who had just filled my wife`s pussy just yet.

I couldn`t hear what was said, they were talking so quietly maybe even whispering, another thought, was he touching her up, after a while I heard the front door close and she came back.

"I tell you what" I said "lets go out for diner, you go and get youself ready and I`ll check what he`s done to the alarm"

"Ok" she replied and off she went to the shower.

What had caused her to have another mans cock, had she finally given in to my constant requests for her to do it, was she fed up of mine.

Heaven knows she dresses to please, she`s got great breasts and a great ass, to be honest if I wasn`t married to her I`d love to shag her.

I wanted her dirty pussy right now, I heard the shower switch on and decided to go up and join her " Do you want me to help scrub your back" I asked, "Err no, its Ok, I`ll be out in a bit then you can use the shower".

Again a vision in my mind of her sponging another mans cum from inside her, I need a wank, this was getting too much. I got my dick out, sat on the bed and began to wank whilst recalling what I had seen.

"Oh dont waste it", I opened my eyes and there she stood, I was well gone, eyes close, imagining I was the alarm guy.

Her dressing gown was fully open, breasts on display and my god a shaven pussy, now I have not seen one of those in a long time, it looked fantstic if not a little pink and puffy.

"Let me" she said, walking towards me, she bent down and took me in her mouth. Her breath was hot as she worked gently on my dick with her lips. After a minute or so of this pleasure she lifted up and took off her dressing gown "Lick my pussy, please" she asked, she pushed me flat on the bed and straddled my face.

I was millimetres away from her smooth pussy, I knew she had been in the shower but could I lick and suck where another cock had cum...