Written by Tony

14 Aug 2018

...James had now come into the room and had started filming me enjoying his wife on the living room floor.

I started to move my way down carols body, kissing her neck before paying her gorgeous tits some attention. Sucking and nibbling on her big errect nipples. I then grabbed and squeezed her nipples with my fingers as I moved to position my head between her legs. I kissed her inner thighs before slowly moving up to her clit which I started to very slowly flick with my tongue. I increased pace as James passed me a cucumber, which I presented to the entrance to Carols increasingly wet hole. She started to moan as I gave her the tip of the cucumber while still working her clit with my tongue, I slowly let her have the cucumber inch by inch. It wasn't too long before Carol grabbed my head and pulled me up her body, removing the cucumber I positioned my cock at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy as I lay on top of her. I then gave her my thick hard cock. She became increasingly vocal as I began to fuck her harder and soon moved her self on to her knees to enjoy me fucking her delicious cunt deep and hard. James had now set the camcorder up on a tripod and moved to give carol a taste of his cock. It looked amazing as we spit roasted this naughty corset wearing wife.

Close to coming I withdrew from Carol and let James take his turn to fuck his wife. She moved to lay on the sofa opened her legs as James on his knees started to give her more cock. As he fucked her he rubbed her clit with his thumb, as I moved to offer carol my cock which she slowly wanked in her mouth. This really was a horny sight now and soon Carol began to climax all over her husband's cock. Her orgasm continued as she squirted her juices all over him. Allowing her to enjoy the climax I took my cock from Carol and masterbated til I came all over her amazing tits. She continued to massage my spunk over her breasts as James shot his own load inside her

Luckily all this was captured on film....