Written by Jen'n'Jon

27 Sep 2010

My name is Jenny and I'm married to Jon, it's second time round for the both of us and at the time this happened I was thirty-eight and we had been married for seven years. Jon is quite a bit older than me and was fifty-two, however we are complete soulmates and our sex life had been wonderful. I lost my virginity at a young age and had continued having regular sex from then on, I was pleased to find out that Jon not only had a high sex-drive but he also had enormous stamina and was quite capable of fucking me twice or more in a session.

It came as a great shock, therefore, when he had an illness that resulted in making him temporarily impotent. This was ongoing and intermittent, when he was like that I became extremely frustrated. Now Jon was a man of considerable experience and common sense and after the first time it happened he said, 'I realise how frustrated you've been, darling, and I've been giving it some thought. What I suggest is that when it happens again you find yourself a lover, someone that you know I would approve of.' I was shocked at first, 'Oh, I couldn't do that, surely it would upset you?' 'Don't worry,' he replied, 'I've given that a lot of thought too, you're your own person I don't own you. After all it would be only sex, my feelings for you are a lot stronger than that and I'm like a lot of men, I wonder sometimes what it would be like for you take another lover. I can tell you that I wouldn't love you any the less.'

To cut a long story short, the next time he was unwell I did as he suggested. He was very supportive when I told him that I would like to take up his offer, 'Good,' he said, 'I want you to be physically satisfied and happy.' Who could ask for more? I had my idea about who the man would be, it was one of our friends who had recently separated from his wife. Mark was a man slightly older than me, good-looking, athletic build and great just to be with, I asked Jon if he minded it was someone we knew, he shrugged, 'Not as long as he can keep his mouth shut,' he replied.

I met Mark one Friday evening in a village pub miles away from where we lived, I was totally honest about why I had asked him to meet me. Of course he was surprised, 'I thought you and Jon were so good together?' he said, so I told him the circumstances. 'Well, I'n not going to refuse, I've fancied you for years, you're one sexy lady, I'd like nothing better than to get between your thighs! And don't worry, I'll not say a word to anyone.'

We had a couple of drinks, then left, I said, 'Find somewhere quiet, Mark.' He did. I said, it's too late to find somewhere or go to your place, even should you want it, so, for the first time in years we can have sex in the back of your car!' Mark laughed. A few minutes later we were in the back seat kissing and fondling each other, my heart was thumping, this time I wouldn't be frustrated for a couple of months. I said, 'I shan't need much playing with, I couldn't be more ready!' I had little on in preparation, a button-through summer dress and knickers, with a more substantial pair in my handbag. Mark unbuttoned my dress and, as he fondledmy breasts and kissed me I gradually undressed him. He had a nice looking cock, just a normal size, but then I already knew that, apart from freaks, size really doesn't matter that much.

Once he felt my fanny he knew I was ready, 'Alright for it, Jen?'. 'Christ, you know I am!' I panted. I lay back on the seat, one leg on the floor the other over the back of the seat. It wasn't quite dark yet, Mark gasped as he moved over me, 'Christ! What a beautiful cunt!', he immediately apologised, 'Sorry, sorry, got carried away.' Don't worry, darling, I know how most men think, I'm used to all the words.' I felt his hard knob pushing between the lips of my fanny, I relaxed even more and he was soon entering me and easing it up inside, I was so wet. 'Oh God! That feels wonderful!' I told Mark, 'I haven't had it for a couple of weeks, Come on give me a real hard fucking.... and I hope you can do me twice!' 'Don't worry about that,' Mark replied through gritted teeth, 'I'll fuck you unconscious if that's what you want!'

The first time I just lay back and let Mark do the work, it felt marvellous, his lovely cock rhythmically thrusting vigorously, deep into my oh so willing cunt. It got very sloppy as I lubricated profusely due to his cock rubbing my clit all the time. After a few moments it didn't really matter who was fucking me, I'd got what I needed so desperately and towards the end I had a little cum as he shot his load deep inside me. I didn't really feel his ejaculation much but enjoyed the sense of his cum filling me and held him tightly as he finished and flopped on me.

We stayed like that until he had recovered, I could feel his spunk oozing, but that was all part of it as far as I was concerned. After a while I asked if he could fuck again, 'I can if you can get me hard,' he replied. That was easy, I began to squeeze and release his cock with my internal muscles, more oozing, lovely! After about three minutes I felt the first signs of his cock coming to life and encouraged him to gently move in and out. He got hard very rapidly after that and, in no time, he was fucking me again. I murmured in his ear, 'That's nice, darling, take it nice and easy, I want to be fucked for at least half an hour, rest when you need to.'

It was sloppy and messy and very erotic, I was kissing and mauling him all the time and bucking against his thrusts too. I think that, at first, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to cum but I murmured to him about how it was making me feel and how nice his cock was when it was up me. Every thrust I now met ramming myself onto his cock as it penetrated me, spunk and my cunt juice were going everywhere, he was sliding on my thighs and stomach, I felt like a young girl again and couldn't get enough of him.

In the end of course he came alright, shooting another load right up me as I held him tightly telling him how good he was. Then he flopped on me for a second time. It was some time before we recovered and his cock slipped out of me, my cunt didn't really like that, at home Jon would have left it in for as long as it would stay there. We lay back and talked about what we'd done, I assured Mark again that Jon would be okay about it and he seemed reassured. He said, 'Without any question, darling, that's the best fuck I have ever had!' I laughed and said, 'We aim to please!' I got my other pair of knickers out of my bag and levered them on, they were very tight, which was the object of the exercise. Mark looked quizzical, 'It's alright Mark, I'm an old hand at this, I don't want my nice dress marked on the way home.' 'Oh,' he said.

After a while we drove off and he dropped me off in the village where we met and I drove home, but not after making arrangements for the following week. It was half two in the morning when I got home, Jon wasstill awake, reading. He looked up as I entered the bedroom, 'Hello Jen, well, how did it go?' There could be no beating about the bush, I said, 'Fucked twice and well spunked up!' I took my dress off, even my substantial knickers were showing something, 'So I see,' Jon said, dryly, 'I really do hope you enjoyed it?' 'Well, darling, of course I did. It may well have not been as satisfying to me as when you do me, but it'll do until you can perform again.' I slipped my knickers down and off, I approached the bed and stood with my legs apart close to my husband. Jon examined me closely, 'Well, I can certainly see that you have been well fucked.' He got off the bed and knelt in front of me, I felt his breath on my fanny, then he kissed me there, I was quite surprised. I was even more surprised when I felt him licking my clit and all around, he pushed his tongue in and simulated fucking, something he often did that he knew I loved. I suddenly came, I grabbed his head and pulled it into my yielding flesh, groaning as he sucked at me which made me cum again. I heard him slurping at me, something he often did, but I never thought he'd be slurping at another man's spunk. Then he stood and kissed me, filling my mouth with the mixture of Mark's cum and my cunt juice, I swallowed and returned his kiss. 'Oh, darling, I love you so much!' I told him. 'And I love you sweetheart,' he smiled.

Obviously our experiment had worked and for the next three or four weeks I repeated it every Friday, but now in Mark's home, which was a lot more comfortable. On the fourth week I returned home in the late, early, hours, if you know what I mean to find my husband, cock hard and rampant. 'Christ, have I been waiting for you, Jen! I hope you haven't washed?' 'Of course not,' although I could have done, after that first week I knew automatically that Jon wouldn't want me to. Now I tore my dress and knickers off, got on the bed and Jon was on me in a flash, his cock finding me ready, open, and very, very, willing. He rammed it up my cunt with the contents squirting everywhere, we laughed as he fucked me like a maniac, all the stuff spreading itself over us both. We didn't care it just made it even more sexy. After he'd cum I kept him inside me until I could get him hard again, then lay back and let him fuck me for as long as he wanted, it was a very, very long time. I woke with him still inside me, during his last effort he had turned me on my side and entered me from behind which he knows I like and we both went to slepp after he'd cum. He told me that he had tried to extricate himself but that my cunt had closed up on him and it wouldn't come out. I put my had down and masturbated my clit until I was aroused and it released him. We went and showered together.

Having breakfast later, more like brunch really, Jon told me that he'd gone to bed but gone to sleep. He was woken from an erotic dream to find himself hard, his latest attack over. I knew that the doctor had told him that he could stop the prescription he was taking, this was one of the reasons he couldn't get it up while having treatment, it was a muscle relaxant amongst other things. He said that when he'd woken as I came into the bedroom that early morning he could see that I was still feeling sexy, he said, 'If that's what fucking another man does for you perhaps we should do it every week!' And that is what we did.

Of course there is always more to a tale like this, but I have to stop for now, so I might post the rest on another occasion.