Written by paul carol

19 Dec 2012

I'd known my mate for about 15 years. In all that time nothing ever happened like it was about to. I'd been sexually active since I was in my teens. My mate at the time was still a virgin.

We had been out for a night on the town. It was a quiet night out, nothing materialised. After the last pub I asked my mate if he fancied a few more drinks back at my place. Why not he said. So off we went. We got in and more drinks were poured. He liked it when I told him about my sexual exploits. In fact one time he was even in the same room but in the next bed when I was shafting the arse off a girl we'd met one night. I thought he had fallen asleep but he later told me he was watching and listening to the whole experience.

We were both pretty pissed by now. As I was telling him more stories of my encounters I could see he was getting aroused. I myself was getting stiff too. I said to him why don't you do something about that. He looked puzzled. I said get you cock out and sort yourself out. He wasn't sure at first. I said I will if you will. So I got my stiffy out and started to stroke its semi shaft until it stood to attention in all it's 9 inch glory. My mate looked at it in awe. He said he'd never seen a cock so thick and big. I asked him if he wanted to touch it. He leant over and placed his hand around the pulsing shaft. Go on, wank it, I said. He began to move his hand up and down my shaft, pulling the foreskin back over my bulbous helmet. Precum began oozing out. He rubbed his fingers in it and licked them.

I moved so I could get my hands on his cock. When I curled my finger round it I discovered he was a lot smaller than me. About 4 inches long and about the thickness of two fingers. That did not deter me. I wanked him till he was almost cumming. All the while he was playing with my cock. I was nowhere near cumming; he was so gentle as he toyed with my cock and balls. I like to be a bit more enthusiastic.

I lowered my mouth over the end of his uncut cock tasting the precum as I did. It didn't take me long to get the whole thing in my mouth. I could feel it stiffen up more as I gave him his first blow job. My head was bobbing up and down his cock. He had stopped playing with me as he concentrated on what was happening to him. I quickened the pace, squeezing his balls as my mouth eagerly sucked on his cock. Suddenly he stiffened up even more. I felt his cock swell more in my mouth as he unloaded his hot thick cum into my throat. There was so much I couldn't swallow it all and it was running from my mouth.

He lay there exhausted. I cleaned up the cum from my chin and sat waiting. Wow! He said. I've never had anything like that. I said I'm not finished yet. My balls were still full and needed to be emptied. I began playing with my flaccid cock stirring it into full stiffness. My mate came over and lowered his mouth over the head sucking and licking the slit, teasing precum from me. He put more and more of my length into his mouth until he gagged. There was still about 4 inches waiting to be swallowed. He couldn't take it and backed off but still wanked and sucked furiously at my throbbing meat. I didn't want to cum just yet as I had my mind set on sticking this weapon in his arse. So I asked him if he was up for something even more daring. Like what. How about I fuck you. He was shocked. But after a little thought said why not, we've gone this far.

I got some KY from a drawer and lubed my shaft and his arsehole. First I pressed a finger in. He was wanking his cock at the same time. My finger slipped in easily, then two. I finger fucked his arse. My cock was twitching at the thought of burying it in this tight virgin hole. I gripped my shaft and placed my helmet at my mate’s hole pressing gently. He shivered. Pressing more firmly I eased the bulbous end into his arse. Slowly in and out till the whole helmet disappeared. It hurt me as my foreskin was pulled back over my end. He was moaning. I asked if he wanted more. Yes. Push in deeper. I began a rhythmic motion each time getting further in this tight virgin hole. Until eventually my pubes were nestling against his arse crack and my full length was firmly penetrating him. I waited, catching my breath as did he. I now began to fuck him properly bringing my cock almost out but leaving my helmet inside then shoving my thick shaft deep inside again. All the while he was wanking himself and groaning. I kept up a steady pace watching my cock go in and out. I could feel the build-up as I approached the point of no return. I shouted out as I let my hot spunk empty into my mate’s body. As it did my cock squelched in and out. I watched as my cum oozed from his hole and dripped onto my hairy balls. I pulled my cock out and my mate turned round and took me into his mouth and licked and sucked my cum, cleaning my balls and length. Cum was running down his arse crack and down his legs. He had also shot his load whilst I was fucking him. There was cum everywhere. I licked the hot salty fluid from his body, tasting my own cum for the first time. We both sat worn out.

He stopped the night but nothing happened. We have had 3 or 4 occasions since over the next 5 years or so. He got to fuck me, but that's another story if anyone is interested in hearing about it...