Written by Porky

27 May 2014

I had jest dropped the kids off at the inlaws and was driving back home,I felt weird it was a really strange feeling I had now, after what had been I guess months of should we or not do it, Lisa my wife was blowing hot and then cold, I didn't want to push her into this but at the same time it was me that was the original instigator so be truthful if it went wrong I be to blame, I had all that in my head, it funny how we all try and justify things to ourselves, my other line of thinking was she not do any thing she didn't want to do, and after all she spent the last two weeks almost talking and texting Lee,I not made her do that had I and and she had arranged for her mun and dad to have the kids, I had taken the kids over in plenty of time for her to get ready but I stayed longer chatting longer than I had intended, Christ is that the time,I had to put my foot down I had promised to be there if Lee got lost I talk him in and help him get to ours I also wanted to get home to have a last word with Lisa jest to make sure she was okay with this I know its a bit late in the day but it was for my peace of mind I think

I got in jest before quoror to seven and Less was douwe at seven a bit lat for a chat

Lisa looked lovely, she bought new cloths for this evening, I had been with her when we went shopping for them, we had a debate in the shop when she picked out the dress it was black halter neck it fitted her like a glove really figure hugging, the question was,was it to short I had said no she not wearing it out in public jest at home so why worry, she bought it and a strapless bra to go with it, to my mind it jest didn't work, her argument with the bra was she is quite busty 38-D and need the support, it now looked like she had changed her mind,by doing that the dress really looked good on her the neck line plunged past her breasts going into a vee at the same time the dress cupped each breast and held them apart a little it looked really good, as for it being short it was a lot shorter than what she normally would ware it was well above the knee quite away up the thigh, I jest make out the line of stocking tops the way she was standing, I told her how lovely she looked

I asked if Lee had called he had to say he was on the way, I had gone out in a top and wanted to put a shirt on so I rushed upstairs, as I went into our bedroom I was bit surprised to see Lisa had taken the duvet off the bed and it jest had a bottom sheet and pillows on it now, I guess we both knew what would be happening in it or on it later but it did surprise me to see it like that I guess she thought it be in the way, as I put the shirt on I noticed she opened a new box of tissues by the bed

When I got back into the lounge Lisa was on the phone say, yes that's right number 46 yes two car outside, I looked out the widow and a car was stopped in the middle of the road

It the move off as Lida said you have found us okay see you in a minuet, she looked at me and said his here, I felt breathless really nervous, neither of us had meet Lee my wife and him had been on the phone to each other a lot some times with there and a lot more when I was at work and she told me she was happy with him, I had spoken jest the once but that was little more than a hello not much more and that was because Lida want me to

We had seen photos of him on emails, the first was him dress he looked smart, and some taken on what must of been on a holiday in swimming trunks I remember they had what appeared to be quite a large bulge in them, I tried to think what it said on his profile in assets I an sure its said no complaints, and he was single he is 29 so younger than us Lisa 35

It struck me I didn't know that much about Lee and he was coming to my house to sleep with my wife, I did remember his got black curly heir and looked quite dark skinned but he is English Well my wife liked him and thought he is good looking and they seemed to get on very well.

The doorbell rang I may of jumped, Lisa said you go, I looked back as I went out she looked as nervous as I felt,I took a deep breath and opened the door, and there he was I said Lee he replied yes, and held his hand out I shock it and said come in, we went into the lounge

My wife stood where I had left her, Lee said hello Lida we meet at last, she smiled say yes at last and he kissed her on the cheek, they seemed to look at each other, then he said you really look wonderful, she said thank you pleas sit down, so he sat on the sofa and she sat with him, I asked if he like a drink he said coffee pleas I am driving

I left them together as I made the coffee, I then popped back to ask how he liked it

I went in asking that and was more than surprised to fine them kissing, they stopped as soon as I went in, when I found how he liked it I went back to finish it

I came back and put it down next to him and sat down as well, I felt a bit awkward I think Lee could see that and started a conversation, it did sort of brake the ice in a way, it still was a little strange Lee was holding my wife's hand as we chatted

Thing sem in limbo it didn't look like Lisa was to keen to carry on in front of me but we had talked about that and she said she be fine with me being there, I was right not lang after that she nodded at the door, so I said hell I must make a phone call excuse me

I left them to it I sat in the kitchen, I am not sure how long but it was a time it was curiosity as much as ant thing that got me to go and see what was happening. I thought if I had to I would ask if they wanted a drink

I looked in the door well they had got to grips with each other for sure, they where snogging away she let him get one breast out one strap was pushed over her hole tit was out I could see the nipple was very hard and stiff a sure sigh she horny, I sat down with out being noticed, I watched them making out together it seem really weird watching my wife doing that with another man,also I felt excitement mixed in with with that, she was rubbing his crotch then tried to get hold of what ever was in there, what ever it was it lay cross his upper thigh and when she squeezed it there was a outline it looked bloody big and long,it was then they noticed me things stopped,, before they said any thing I said I think you two need to go upstairs, Lee agreed but Lisa gave me a funny look well the out come of that Lee said to her show me the way and they went out

I followed with then ahead of me, on the landing I stopped ans waited when they went in our bedroom, the door was left ajar, I did stop there some time there was things inside said and movements, it be about twenty minuets I eased the door open a little more, waited then a little more, I could jest get round it now so I looked in they where on our bed

My wife seemed naked apart from holdup stockings, all Lee had on was boxes they where engrossed in each other so not noticed me and Lisa head was on the other side of him

I got over to the dressing table and sat on the stool, my wife was breathing heavily

Lees went down and started to suck her nipple she had her eyes closed, I don't think I have know her niple to be that stiff before, as he went from one to the other she let out a little gas, he stared to kiss his way over her chest to her tummy then lower, as he did that she had her head on the pillow looking up so she not seen me yet

He was now at her pelvis groin area, I herd a moan

It is strange being on the outside witnessing this, my wife was doing things I had never noticed before, as he got lower she lifted her knees with her feet on the bed she parted her thighs to make herself accessible to him, he was right down there now she still had her eyes closed and made little whimpering noises she also started tugging on her nipples at the same time,I heard her going AAAAH AAAAAH I knew to well what that meant she was about to cum,her bum lifted she gasped he got her off, it was then he started to pull his boxes off he then past his bum then over his thighs he was soon kicking them off

I could feel my pants getting very tight I had a real stork on and it was trapped inside them, it was then Lee got on his knees and I could see what he had,Jesus Christ I have not seen that meany pricks but by god that was huge I am guessing it be nine inches long or there abouts so a hell of a lot longer than mine but that wasn't the thing about it was how fat how wife it was it was like a babies arm as they say with a even bigger head on it I know now I should've said no then but I didn't, he was now moving up and over my wife with only one place for that thing to go

I am quite sure she didn't realize what was coming, he was over her one hand between them, I heard her say loudly Jesus she gasped and said my god he was then pushing she lay thee with her hands on his shoulders as if to push him back, her head back as if she was holding her breath, he gave a thrust she squealed out her eyes came wide open, he gave another she cried out she had got him right up to the makers name, that a last thrust opened Pandora's box and I was never going to get the lid on it again but I didn't know that at that moment in time

He was right in and up my wife by then,, then he started to fuck her she was struggling with his size to start with that was obvious but as he keep going I could see things changed she was now enjoying his size, her hand where away from his shoulders and round his neck her legs where up in the air as wide apart as she could get them, his strokes where long and deep he was going at a steady pace, it was when he speeded up she started to make all sorts of noises he was now moving at a good pace that thing sliding in and out out of her pussy doing all sorts of things to her touching places than never been touched before

Lee was facking her hard now, the harder and faster he went it looked like the more she liked it, he lifted up on his arms now I could see Lisa head rolling from side to side on the pillow, I have never seen her like this, she started to quiver her body tensed she soughted OH GOD YES YES and she came up ti meet him. I watched her climax on his cock

Before she come down he lifted her legs on to his shoulders and pushed her back and fucked harder from that she cum again, from that he got both hand on her legs and pinned them over her she was lifted and rolled back under him , as he held her like that bloody hell I never thought any one could fuck that hard and fast but he did I guess he been at it about twenty minuets by now and he had to cum I was right with an almost rorer he did as deep inside her as dep he could get he lay on top of her trapping her as he seeded my wife

When he did roll off her it was like a plug coming out of her it was still that tight it almost popped as it came out I could see Lisa'a tits and chest heave as she got her breath back he taken her to places I have never taken her

She lay quite still for a time, then her head turned my way she looked at me sitting there I think it surprised her,she said did you see that I nodded and that was all was said, after she recovered we did chat the three of us I didn't want to stand up I cum in my pants watching, it soon became obvious Lee was ready to go again, I think by then Lisa was used to me being in the room, she started playing with him then sucked his dick in front of me, he got her on top of him so she straddled him some how between them they got it in her, she didn't come down on it very fast she grounded as she did, once she was sitting on him she started rock her hips then bounce her tits went up and down with her

It didn't take long she got her self off on his cock, Lee almost pushed her off rolled her over pulled her to her hands and knees and fucked her from behind Christ did that man go, he gave he his second load of spunk that night, after that he went home but he was going to be back