Written by Rob

22 May 2011

I last submitted a story detailing my debut as a cuckold in January (My wife's awakening). My wife Tammy is 38 and incredibly sexy despite having two children. She revels in her new found confidence and whilst we have had little opportunity to repeat our experience it has given a much needed boost to our sex life.

For those of you you haven't read our previous stories Tammy is a size 12/ 14 with short blonde hair, blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. She is 5ft5 and has the most fantastic 36c breasts with sensitive nipples emerging from quite large areolar.

Anyway it had been several weeks since our experience with a stranger in Birmingham and we both felt keen to experiment further. I am a keen biker and persuaded Tammy to come on an overnight tour to Wales. I promised Tammy that it would be well worth her while and the biggest thrill wouldn't be twinsting through the fabulous Welsh mountain roads.

After making all necessary arrangements we headed off on a sunny weekday, Tammy clinging tightly to me as we sped off. After a couple of hours riding we pulled into a small Welsh pub for lunch. We had only been there half an hour when another biker pulled in to the car park. Tammy was focussed on her drink and took no notice as a dark haired man in his early 30's entered the pub. He immediately walked over to our table with a big grin and introduced himself with a Welsh accent as Gareth then adding "hello Tammy. You are even sexier in real life". Tammy suddenly realised that I had set the whole thing up calling me several names although as she took in the good looking bloke, her abuse was a little muted. I explained to Tammy that I had been in touch with Gareth from a biking mate. I was aware that he was a bit of a lad and suspected he would be only to pleased to have some fun.

Gareth sat next to Tammy and turned on the charm throughout our lunch. He had an easy going nature and Tammy was soon relaxing and enjoying the company of our new guest. Gareth explained that he had recently split from his wife after she threw him out following him messing work. As we finsihed our lunch I suggested that we follow Gareth as he knew the roads. Gareth suggested that Tammy may like to ride pillion with him as it wasn't to far to our next stop and anyway he was a more experienced rider than I was. Tammy, to my suprise, readily agreed. So I watched with a strange sense of expectation as she sat behind Gareth, wrapping her arms around him. Here I was staring at my wife's bum as they sped onto the road.

We continued on for 10 minutes before pulling into a wooded picnic area beside a river. As it was a week day and quite secluded we found ourselves on our own in a beautiful sunny glade. We locked the bikes up and left the helmets attatched to the bikes as Gareth encouraged us to follow him up the side of the river. We soon reached a secluded bend in the river, where Gareth suggested we have a swim to freshen up. He didn't wait for a response quickly removing his all his clothes then urging us both on before running to the side and jumping in. I quickly followed also stripping off and jumping straight in to the cool water. Tammy was a little more hesitant, slowly remving each article as we continued to shout encouragement. When Tammy was down to her bra and pants we both chanted off repeatedly until she complied. Despite the cool water I felt a throbbing in my balls as I watched my beautiful wife naked in front of this stranger.

Tammy walked to the side of the river coyly attemting to cover her shaved pussy as she tested the water. After a little more taunting she suddenly removed her hand from her breasts and pussy and took the plunge. As she emerged screaming with the shock of the water Gareth swam towards her. I made no attempt to reach her, I felt frozen to the spot as Gareth disapeared under the water then jumped up right behind her. It was Gareth this time who wrapped his arms around her laughing as Tammy swore loudly at the coldness of the water. I could see in the clear river that him hands were resting on her breasts and Tammy made no attempt to push him away.

Tammy soon adjusted to the temperature and turned to face Gareth as they began passionately kissing each other, their tongues exploring each other's mouths, locked in a tight embrace. As before in our earlier experiences my emotions were a mixture of lust, pride, jealousy as I watched this good looking bloke ravish my naked wife, their bodies pressed tightly into each other. I kept returning to the thought that this was my beautiful wife, giving her body to this man we had not long met, a body that should be exclusively mine and I was sitting back and letting him take her.

Gareth pulled Tammy's legs around him as they continued to kiss. He then raised her body up so her breasts were out of the water and after commenting in his thick welsh accent "gorgeous" before burying his face in between them. I came up behind Tammy and reached around to cup each breast, holding them for Gareth to suck. He took her erect left nipple in his mouth, licking and sucking it with a passionate intensity before turning his attention to her right nipple. Tammy gave me a breathless commentary as she urged him to suck each nipple. I too encouraged his attention on my wife's tits, knowing how sensitive they are. Tammy ordered me to "hold my tits for him. Oh god I want him" she enthused "I want his cock in me. I want you to watch as it eases into me, as he fucks your wife". Tammy knew this would get me going as it had been part of our role play as we rehearsed another man making love with her. It clearly wasn't just for my benefit though as Tammy was full and more than willing participant in the whole affair.

If you would like I will continue the story shortly