Written by J

5 Mar 2011

I was preparing myself to be fucked by the guy who peirced my tongue and then in walked the owner of the shop, he just said ,quite matter of fact, "you at it again phil ." You know me Stef anything with a pulse" I was now feeling slightly embarassed and tried to pull up my Jeans ,"Dont do that how am I gona do your Tattoo ? Stef joined in,, "Yep carry on guys dont mind me. Phil started to pull my Jeans down again, exposing my Pussy to Stef ,he just looked straight at me and said let him do your back and let me see to that lovely Pussy of yours. I let out a large sigh and said "go for it guys" with that and very very quickly and with no warning i was grabbed by my legs, my jeans were taken off completley together with my knickers and carried to the bench , Stef took his joggers off and i noticed his hard cock has a piercing through the top of it,he lay on the bench and said get this inside you sit forward on me and phil will do your tattoo, I did what he said,and when phil started to do the tattoo stef just lay there put his fingers in my mouth and said let it just go through you , I was in heaven , the pain of the needle and stefs cock in me made me cum allmost straight away but it lasted for ages and ages because i had to be still. That afternoon I was fucked by both guys , sucked both of them off until they came and got my tongue done as well.