Written by Kerry

30 Apr 2012

I`m Kerry a single mum, unemployed and to be honest a bit overweight in my late 30s on a council estate. A couple of years ago the housing association did the places up, new windows, new kitchen and new bathroom so I had workmen in and out for about 10 weeks. The guy that did most of the work in my place was Bob, in his late 40s and over the weeks we became fuck buddies. He was working in the Kitchen one day and the electric went, I didn’t have enough money as it was due next day so Bob lent me £20 for the meter and I got the key charged down the shop. When I came back I made him a cup of tea and I had bought some lemon slices as a thank you for helping out. Next day I went down and got my money early so I could pay him back. The money was still on the table when I made coffee and I told him to pick it up before it got lost but Bob said “Listen, if I take this you’ll be short again next time, put it away and keep the tea coming while I`m here”. After a few protests I put the money back into my bag. That afternoon we were having another drink and Bob tells me that although he is married he has not had sex off his wife for months and I am telling him my last boyfriend was more than 2 years ago. Bob says that with my looks I should not have too much trouble but I say that with the children getting a babysitter is difficult and costly. Bob says he might be able to help if I can help him. Well he is looking right at my boobs and its obvious what he is suggesting and I say that would be like charging for it, to which he asks if I ever accepted a drink from a guy when I was single. So I say yes, but that was different, but he says how, I bet you used to let them grope you round the back of the clubs, we both giggle and I say that was a long time ago. I go and get the kids from school and as I`m going out he just says think about what I was saying, I can help if you can help me, I say I don’t think so. Well that night I did have time after the kids were asleep to think about what Bob had said. The idea of a bit of sex was appealing…..I played with myself as I had done before but that night it just didn’t seem to work and the itch was growing.

Next morning I got back from school and Bob was getting ready to turn the water off so I filled the kettle and a saucepan with water. Then I went upstairs and changed my knickers for a fresh pair, I had the next move all planned out in my head from last night and I went down and made a cup of tea. Bob and I sat in the kitchen as usual and he did not mention helping me….what was wrong had he not read the script I had played out in my head around 2 o’clock that morning. So I decided that to get things back on track I would have to take the lead, “you know what you were saying yesterday about helping….is this what you want” and pulled my jumper up over my boobs. Bob looked and said nice, before he pulled at my tits lifting them clear of my Bra, “that’s better” he said and began to fondle my nipples. I felt the tingle and then he was sucking them and I knew I was wet between my legs. I turned in the chair and reached for his cock, opening his flies, released his cock and began to wank then suck. Bob told me to go upstairs and he followed as I led the way to the bedroom. We turned and played with each other again then I was being pushed back on the bed and Bob was pulling at my knickers, his fingers finding my damp slit first and then its source my wet hole. His need to fuck was urgent as was mine and we didn’t bother undressing he just pushing his cock home past the gusset of my knickers.

He was not lying, he had not had sex with his wife for some time and within 5 minutes my pussy was full of his baby juice. I wanted more but he was spent and besides he needed to change the Kitchen sink and unit. I think that was the fastest I ever saw him or one of the others work. Within an hour the old unit was in the skip in the parking spaces and by lunch the new unit just needed the sink and taps to be put in.

With no water I went down the fish shop for lunch and a large bottle of Coke, Bob asked me to get some for him too and by the time I got back the taps were in the new sink. “ I thought I`d get on so we would have more time this afternoon” he said which was my first indication that sex was on the menu again. As soon as he finished he worked on through his lunch hour and by 2pm the sink was almost finished. Bob took me by the hand and led me up to the bedroom again I needed to pee before we started and headed for the bathroom, Bob standing in the doorway while I tinkled. I called him a pervert but he said he was just making sure I did`nt flush as the water was still off. Back in the bedroom we both undressed and he started to fuck me again less urgently this time and I began to get into the rhythm knowing that I was building to my own orgasm, I came with a shudder and still he pounded into me, I came again responding to his words. Then he turned me over and pulling my bum cheeks apart entered me from the back, his thumb and finger probing my bum hole. I turned slightly and told him to push them in if he wanted, his fingers slipped deeper into my bum, but his cock was now out of my pussy and I knew it would soon replace his fingers, it did, and Bob was enjoying the tightness of my bum telling me that I would be used every day because I was such a good fuck. Bob came in my bum and we then lay on the bed regaining our senses. I had to leave at 3pm to go to the school, when I got back Bob had finished the sink and the water was back on.

Over the next few weeks the days Bob was working the routine was a fuck in the morning, sometimes one at lunchtime or an hour in bed in the afternoon. Bob was a dirty fucker he used my bum as much as my pussy, I told him I did not like to suck him after it had been up my bum but he didn’t care and did it anyway and I admit I felt dirtier for it, mmmmmmm. He would leave me a £50 note each week. When the work was coming to an end the place was re-decorated and Bob introduced me to Mike the decorator, we were in the kitchen and bob just lifted my boobs out and said to Mike, “this is the lady I was telling you about, lovely tits” by which time they out on full display. Bob turned me around over the table lifted my skirt and pulled my knickers down opening my bum cheeks so that my bum hole and pussy were accessible, “and nice tight arse” as he let Mike have a grope of me. Mike was only there the one week but I got another £50 towards the treat Kerry fund.