Written by Jo

15 Nov 2007

I had been out for a girls night out and had a fantastic night, but it was now late and myself and two friends were waiting to be picked up by a taxi we had ordered. After 20 minutes it arrived and we set off home, for some reason i cannot explain we headed to my friends house first to drop them off which is further away and where they both get out together, i still cant explain why we didnt drop me off first. After 10 minutes ith the girls in the back talking dirty about the night and giggling away they eventually got out and went away. I turned to the driver and told him my adress and we headed off in that direction. He was asking about the night etc when we stopped at some traffic lights and then started to compliment my legs before mentioning that i didnt have to go home straight away and then he placed his han on my leg and started to rub the inside of my thigh. I quickly stopped him and said no thanks but im married and want to go home, my husband wouldnt be very happy. His reply was dont worry he would never know but if thats what you want so be it. I started to think about the offer and for some reason again that cant explain said to him that maybe we could go somewhere quiet then and put my hand on his thigh. Before i knew it we had parked up down some wooded area and i could see the driver take his seat belt off and pull his pants down releasing a large cock, he raised his cock to my mouth and quite sternly told me to pull his foreskin back and clean his head, i was shocked at this point but started to do as he said, then he grabbed my head from behind after forced his fulol length down my throat forcing me to gag and spit, i was struggling to breath but the whole episode made to feel really horny. He tthen pushed me back onto the seat which he lowered and slowly heald my two ankles in one hand and raised my legs above my head making me expose myself to him, he ripped my thong off and began to roughly finger me gradually increasing from 1 to 4 fingers and then i came loudly, he then lubricating my arse with my own juices before making me hold my legs open and above my head so that he could fuck my arse for me, before long i was cumming again like i had never before and he finished off by filling my arse with his cum. He then drove me home and gave me his card if i ever wanted a ride home again. Still to this day nobody knows about that night and i never kept his card.