Written by rachelg

10 Feb 2010

OK, this is not my idea to write about this, but my partner found this a real turn-on and thought you guys might like to read about it as well. So here goes.

I'm no spring chicken, but I like to think I still have my looks and a nice figure, and every now and then I like to make the most of what I have. About a year ago I was out in London with a girlfriend and to be honest we were both up for it. I'd been going without for a while, and she has always been up for it!

After a few bars and quite a few drinks we met up with a couple of guys who were OK looking, quite fun to be with, and seemed to be fairly loaded so no real minus points there. We shared a couple of bottles of bubbly, got very intimate at our corner table in a little bar in Soho. I'm talking fingers inside nix so it was way past holding hands, and I was loving it.

We agreed to go back to their hotel near Kings Cross so we all staggered out to grab a taxi, of course the heavy petting continued in the taxi. He somehow managed to get my nix off, to this day I've no idea what happened to them.

My guy was swaying quite a lot in the lift, but my friend and her man made it into their room OK, leaving me to get him to his. We got there eventually and I left him on the bed while nipping to the loo to get ready, quick rinse down there to freshen up, check the condom supplies etc. - all the usual stuff.

When I came out there was this awful stink, he'd thrown up over the floor then collapsed again on the bed. I tried to wake him but got only a groan. 'Fuck this', I thought, what a crappy way to end the evening. My friend was no doubt enjoying having her head banged up against the headboard while I had no all.

I stormed out of the room and back to the lift, all I could do was get a cab back home and hope there was plenty of life in the batteries in my trusty rabbit. Going through my purse in the lift I discovered all I had was about £3 in change, no notes and no cards (I don't trust myself with cards when I'm drinking!). No fucking cab then. At least I had my Oyster card so there was always a late night bus.

I knew there was one bus that went through Kings Cross to Islington, so I found my way to Pentonville Road and collapsed on the seat in the bus shelter and tried to ignore the drunk who was trying to offer me god knows what. The first bus that came along wasn't going that way, the driver told me I need a 73 and it might be a while before one came. I think I said fuck about 20 times but at least that put the drunk off.

Then a black cab pulled over just past the bus stop and waited. I looked around; there was no-one else. I staggered over to the window and the cabbie asked me if I wanted a ride and where was I going? I didn't think about it until the next day but he did say 'ride' and not 'lift'. I told him Essex Road in Islington and also that I only had a couple of pounds. He said 'well, it's sort of on my way home' and told me to get in.

You know that stockings can be a problem with a wrap dress, especially when trying to climb into a cab when pissed? Without any knickers on it's even more of a problem! I think he got a good eyeful as I pulled myself inside, but it was what he said that really caught my attention. I was sure he had just said 'that must be worth a blow job' as I got in.

I sat down, not really sure he'd said that. Maybe I misheard him? Have I really got into a cab and was going to go down on the driver as payment? Still confused I looked out of the window, we were going a different way to Islington. It was near the University when he pulled into a dark road with some sort of warehouse on one side and offices on the other and stopped. There was no-one around. He didn't say anything, just got out of his cab and opened the door next to me and climbed in. Still not saying anything he unzipped his pants and pushed them down to his ankles, sat back, opened his legs, and said 'go on girl, get to it'.

He wasn't threatening in any way, it was just like an everyday occurrence to him. Maybe it was. I sat open-mouthed, looking at this semi-erect cock in front of me. It was actually quite a nice cock, quite thick, uncut, with its little eye peeping out at me.

I think instinct just took over. I knelt on the floor between his legs, took hold of his cock and brushed it with my lips. I traced the edge of his foreskin with my tongue, flicked it over his slit, and then ran my tongue down his shaft. I could feel it growing and hardening in my hand, to feel a cock grow in my hand and mouth is one of life great pleasures that I can't resist.

I put my lips over his tip and slid myself down his shaft, letting go with my hand to get more of it in until it was at the back of my throat. I sucked on him and pulled myself up, then back down again.

He was big, really thick, just how I like them. He was moaning and talking to me all the time.

'Oh that's good, you are so fucking good at that'.

'Go on girl, suck on it good and hard'.

'I love a slut who can suck cock like this'.

He reached down and pulled my dress apart. I was wearing a half cup bra so he was easily able to get my tit out. He squeezed it roughly, pinched my nipple, pulled on it hard.

Everything about the situation should have been wrong, but it wasn't. That night, the way I was feeling, it was so right.

My spare hand found its way to my dripping sex, letting my middle finger slip inside me while pressing hard on clitty with my palm, and I started to rub myself.

'You want it bad don't you girl?' he asked. 'You want this big thick cock in your cunt don't you?'

I looked up at him, my mouth filled with his wonderful cock, and couldn't stop myself from nodding. I did want it so bad. 'Tell me how much you want it, bitch. Tell me what you want me to do. Tell me where you want it.'

I looked up again and this time lifted my head so his cock was just in front of my lips.

'I want you inside me, I want you in my cunt, I want you to fuck me'.

'How do you want me to fuck you?'

'I want you to fuck me hard, so fucking hard'.

I was so turned on by this point I would have done almost anything. I reached across to my bag and rummaged around to find a condom. Thank god I had a pack of large sizes. I leaned back, ripped it open and started to unroll it. He was big but I managed to get it on eventually.

He pulled me up to sit on the seat beside me then told me to undo my dress which was only tied at the waist. I pulled it fully apart then unclipped my front-fastening bra. I was naked now apart from the stockings and suspender belt. I just realised where we were, but the windows were all steamed up so anyone was passing they wouldn't see much.

'Lie back and let me see you finger fuck yourself'.

I opened my legs wide and slid my middle two fingers deep into my grateful pussy. I was in one of those really dirty moods that nearly always means you're going to have great sex. I felt so good as I fucked myself. He knelt down between my legs, took hold of my wrist and pulled my hand out of the way so he could taste me. I gasped as I felt his lips against clitty and as his tongue probed my juicy love hole.

'You have the juiciest fucking cunt I've ever tasted, you are one fucking dirty bitch' he said between mouthfuls of my cunt. He moved up and held my hand towards my face. 'Lick your fingers like the dirty slut you are'. I closed my eyes as I tasted my sharp love juices, licking my fingers clean.

Suddenly I felt his cock at my pussy. He held it there and teased my dripping labia, then pulled them apart with his fingers to open up my gaping hole. No more teasing, I cried out as he rammed it into me hard. He put his hand over my mouth, 'shut it bitch' was all he said as he kept thrusting into me.

I kept my mouth shut but I couldn't hold on for long. I was holding on to him, digging my nails into his back as each thrust rammed me up against the seat back. With a muffled cry my climax hit me with wave after wave of pleasure coursing through my body. He wasn't letting up, and my climax continued until with one mighty thrust and a grunt he eventually came. I still held onto him tightly as his thrusts subsided, wanted to feel every inch of him while he was still hard.

Finally he pulled out of me and I lay there gasping for a minute, until I was able to pull myself together and put my bra and dress back on, still shaking a little.

I gave him a tissue to clean himself up and put the condom in and watched him get dressed.

'You liked that?' he asked me rather pointlessly - of course I fucking liked that!

Then he drove me home, passing me his card before I got out, and that was the end of a disappointing night with ended with a very big bang!

I still have that card, maybe one day I'll get in touch.....?