Written by The teacher

7 Jul 2010

As a young, handsome teacher who works out I hear of lots of comments from lonely or bored mums. Flattering but just words. Until recently that is. I attend a gym not far from the school and a few parents work out there too. They are all friendly and have a chat if they feel it's ok.

There is one mum in particular who has always been friendly at the gym and often makes a bee-line for me as soon as the opportunity arises. I put it down to her being a fussy mum at first. She is not the most attractive woman but is sexy in her own, older woman way. She is quite short with short, bleached blonde hair in a cool spiky style. She carries a few extra pounds but has lovely curves in the right places.She has very large tits which look lovely squeezed into her black gym lycra.

I have met her and her husband a few times at parents' evenings and he comes across as a boring kind of middle aged guy, whilst she comes across as fun and a bit flirty.

Well for a few weeks now she has been talking to me at the gym and she has got increasingly flirty and increasingly suggestive. At first I thought her comments were harmless, until last Thursday she was telling me that she wishes her husband would work out as often as I did. I asked why and she said that maybe then he would look better and be more interested in sex. I commented that it wasn't my place to comment and she smiled. I could sense that she had something to say but she held it back. As she was leaving she had the courage to say it and came over and said "I bet you're at it all the bloody time aren't you?" I laughed it off and told her I get what I can. She laughed back and said that I could get hold of her anytime I wanted. With that I blushed slightly and she left. That night I had the best wank thinking about her. For some reason something inside had stirred. I'd always fantasised about bored housewives. Could this be my opportunity?

The next night I hit the gym again and sure enough she was there. In absolutely no time she made her way over and began to chat. All previous inhibitions had disappeared and she talked brazenly about missing regular sex and how she would like a younger man. I played up to this and said that if she was sure about cheating on her husband I'm sure that she would find somebody willing, to fuck her, easily enough. She replied that there was only one guy she wanted. I asked who and she looked me in the eye and pointed straight at me. My cock actually visibly stirred at which she pointed out that she thought I wanted her too. I couldn't lie and even told her about my fantasy the night before. Then she brazenly added that her husband had taken their son away for a football tournament and would be gone all weekend. With that I lost my composure and said that I was going to shower to cool down.

I left the gym, went to the changing rooms and showered. i got changed thinking about what had just happened. As I got into the lobby I saw that she was waiting. She walked out with me and asked if I understood that she wanted to fuck me. I nodded and she just said that I could get in her car if I wanted. My cock took over and I followed her and climbed into the passenger seat. The car was silent as we made the short journey to her house. I could not believe what I was about to do. But at the same time, she looked so horny still in her lycra.

We got to the house and she told me to relax while she had a quick shower, i heard the shower running and wondered what the hell was going to happen. After what seemed an age I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked and saw her walking towards me. She looked so horny. Her hair was still wet and she was wearing a very short silk dressing gown that showed off a pair of beautiful thighs. I said "Wow" and she smiled whilst opening the belt and dropping the gown to the floor. Now she looked beautiful. She was wearing a lace bra and panties set. Her tits were the biggest pair I'd ever seen. If I didn't want her before I did now. My cock strained at my boxers and football shorts. She walked over and grabbed my cock hard, moaning as she rubbed me through my shorts.

Her body was still wet (a massive turn on for some reason) and she grabbed my head and kissed me passionately. Her tongue darting around my mouth. It was the most amazing kiss. With my left hand I cupped a breast. It felt beautiful as I squeezed before finding the nipple and tweaking it as she moaned. I wanted to see these beauties so I slipped off her bra to find the darkest and biggest nipples imaginable. I bent down to suck them and she groaned loudly. My hand found its way inside her pants and I rubbed her clit for all I was worth. I had to make her cum. I rubbed and rubbed and she built up to a mighty orgasm. She screamed and swore and begged me to fuck her. I quickly undressed as she removed the pants fully. I laid down and said "Suck my cock you old slut!" She loved this and slurped my 6 inches greedily. I wanted to fuck this milf slut so I pushed her onto her back.

I lined my cock up at her entrance and asked "Are you ready slut?" She shouted "Just fucking fuk me will you." I obligerd. I hammered my cock into her for about five minutes before pulling her toned thighs over my shoulders. Now I was deep. I hammered away selfishly until I couldn't hold back. I pulled out and shot all over her stomach and pussy. She looked unbelievable lying there covered in my spunk. I put my cock in her mouth and she cleaned me up. She kissed me and I could taste my own cum (a first). She asked if she could have me again and I said "Who knows". I got dressed and left saying that I'd see her soon. I think that I'll fuck her again. Next time I want her arse too.