Written by st_uk

10 Jan 2008

Cath and I are both on our 2nd marriages. We have both lived a bit and will have been married for a year in February. Cath and I have often talked about involving another guy in our lovemaking but never ventured further than talking about it.

Cath is a teacher and after one evening close to Christmas all the staff stayed for a few glasses of wine. I drove her home and she told me about a young drama student that was in her school for a few days. He was 20, tall slim and dark, called Coner. They had had chatted and she admitted that she flirted with him a bit.

Later that night in bed Cath again talked about Coner and I did manage to get her to admit that she did fancy him even although he was half her age! She told me that he was going to their Christmas party that weekend and that she might give him a slow dance or something. Cath could very easily feel, by the harness of my cock, that I liked this idea and as we fucked we talked about it more until I could hold back no longer.

Her party was on Saturday evening at a hotel about a mile from us.

As Cath was getting ready I sneaked a look into our bedroom to see her smoothing out a pair of black stockings over her shapely legs. She had on my favorite half cup bra (that only just holds her 38d boobs in place) and a matching suspender belt. Her black, button up the front dress was hanging from her wardrobe door. I sneaked off downstairs with a hardon in my pants! 20 minutes later Cath appeared looking lovely and smelling great. I gave he a flit to the hotel and told her that I would be back at midnight for her and joked that I had hoed that coner would applicate her efforts! She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and said \\\'hopefully\\\'.

I sat at home for what seemed like hours and at 11.30 I decided to make a move. I drove to the hotel, knowing that I was early, and hoping to see my wife with Coner. I sneaked into the back of the hall and it seemed that many of the mostly female crown were getting ready to go home. On the dance floor there were 4 people. Cath, 2 of her friends and a tall mixed race guy were strutting their stuff. The music changed and Cath\\\'s 2 friends came to sit down leaving Cath in a slow dance with the lad. She noticed me standing there and smiled and I could swear that she pulled him a little closer. Sharlt later the music stopped - it was the last dance and they approached me and Cath introduced me to Coner. He was as she said, very tall and strong looking and very good looking. Cath kissed me and whispered \\\'lets take him back for a drink\\\'.

We drove back with Coner next to me and Cath in the back seat blowing me kisses into the mirror. I could tell she was drunk but was looking forward to what might happen. When we got home, Coner was directed to the lounge, Cath went to the room and I opened a bottle of wine. Cath came into the kitchen and guided my hand under her dress. She was knicker less, smooth and very wet. Before I could say anything she was on her way to the lounge. I put on some music and poured the wine. Cath was slurring her words a bit but we were having a laugh. I was just wondering how i was gong to move things along when cath turned and kissed Coner. he was very shocked but when he turned to me and i nodded in approval, he kissed her back this time deeper and with more passion. My cock was straining in my tousers as Cath rubbed his growing bulge and directed his fingers to the buttons on her dress.

Soon she was unbuttoned and so was Coner. Caths nipples were pink and swollen and Coner\\\'s cock dark and magnificent. Cath turned and slid down his body taking him in her mouth. She gave him an expert suck and he had to asker her to stop as he was about to cum. Cath suggested that we make ourselves more comfortable so we headed up to our bedroom. She had stripped down to her underwear within seconds and also had Coner naked. I was only a shot time behind them and as Cath lay on the bed I sat next to her as Coner positioned himself between her legs. Slowly he pushed is long cock inside Cath who responded by pushing back at him and also reaching for my more modest but equally hard member. as Coner build some rhythm cath turned and took me in her mouth. this scene was too much for Coner and he promptly filled cath with several jets of his cum. Cath was not there yet and as he withdrew i quickly took his place and my cock slipped easily in to Cath soaping pussy. The wet hot feeling was fantastic. I could feel Coner\\\'s cum push out with each thrust i made and it wasnt long before my first load of the evening was joining his inside Cath. Coner didnt stay the night but dis stay for another 2 hours in which time he mounted Cath another twice. Coming again inside her and finally in her mouth. I tasted his cum from both sets of lips and fulfilled a fantasy that I have harboured for many years.

Coner has finished with Cath\\\'s school now but i know that cath has his email address. Our lovemaking over the Christmas holidays has involved talking about our next adventure with Coner or perhaps another young lover of Cath\\\'s choice.