Written by Alex696

17 Sep 2014

Here is part 2 of my story , I was standing in my bosses office with Stan a college of Geoff's , he's my new sucking buddy .

I didn't know what to say Stan said Geoff told about the fun you had in the hotel and were going to have some fun. It turned out that Stan was a old friend of Geoff's we arranged to go to Stans hotel that night for a meal and drinks , I got ready and was hoping for more than a meal.

After the meal I was invited up Stans room , once in the room we made ourself comfortable and Geoff walked over to me he unzipped his pants and got his cock out , suck me , show Stan how good you are.

I took him in my mouth and sucked him off like a trouper , then a felt a cock against my cheek it was Stan and by fuck he had a big one , I licked his bellend and then moved from cock to cock ...I was in heaven.

I got up from my knees and started taking my clothes off , once we were all naked we continued sucking each other off.

I loved Stans cock I positioned myself into the 69 position so I could suck him and he sucked me , god it was horny.

I carried on sucking then Stans said he was going to cum , I carried on sucking and swallowed as much of his man juice as I could..

Still in the 69 position Geoff offered me his cock which I sucked , I held his balls and teased his arsehole he grabbed his shaft and was wanking into my mouth with a grunt he aimed his cock so he spunked on my lips and on my face .

This set me off and I spunked in Stans mouth without warning him , we all needed time to catch our breaths .

After a couple of drinks from the mini bar , it was round 2 plenty more cock fun - Geoff and Stan fucked each other , I'm not a lover of Anal but I get get my rocks off spit roasting both of them orally.

I left with a head full of lust and empty bollocks , Geoff's said were going to meet up again soon , I've asked to suck him off in his office while I'm at work .......well I am his suck buddy .